The best alternative to WhatsApp: 2022, privacy, video call

The best alternative to WhatsApp: 2022, privacy, video call

WhatsApp's changes to their data policy and a recent global outage have led to people looking for alternatives to WhatsApp. In this article we have chosen 5 of the best WhatsApp alternative apps for both Android and iPhone devices.

What are the best WhatsApp alternatives for privacy? 


The messaging service application was developed in the United Kingdom and has gathered over 400 million users around the world. It has a similar interface to the one of WhatsApp, so it’s simple to use but also, customizable. Telegram has features that allow the user to make the best for their personal use, sending voice and video messages, creating a personalized profile and unlimited file sharing since all the data gets stored directly in their cloud. Another interesting feature is the possibility of joining public group chats that can gather an unlimited number of participants, making it a good resource for associations, campaigns and news updates. You can download Telegram for Android free of charge.

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Signal started to make noise after Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla tweeted about the new WhatsApp data policies and pointed everyone towards the Signal app. This application was built by engineers who worked closely with the end-to-end encrypted messages from WhatsApp except, they take the security and privacy of messages very seriously in order to protect the users data. The application has a fun and discreet interface with the basic text messages, voice and video calling. It is a cloud based app that allows unlimited file sharing. 

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Wickr Me

An alternative instant messaging application, Wickr Me has a security protocol so safe that it can be used for personal up to military and governmental needs. It can be used with a smartphone or a computer, and has quite unique features; it can be customized to set up the time for a message to remain in someone else's inbox, when will the message should be sent and to not show the contact nor the preview of the message to the receiver, meaning this app takes privacy very seriously. The video conferences can be done both by smartphone and computer, and it's one of the most discreet and safest apps for instant messaging communication. 

What is the best WhatsApp alternative for video calls?


Although addressed for video calls, the app can be used as an instant messaging app, it’s commonly known for their video calling services, particularly business video calls.In the past year amid the pandemic, the number of Skype users has reached 200 million, the use of video calls for work and school purposes is common, and the quality of the video calls prove the efficiency of the app. If you’re an avid user of Skype, it can also become of use for instant messaging or group chats, automatically sync your email address contact lists and as a unique feature, make phone calls to direct landlines by adding credit. 


One of the simplest text messaging apps. It's a preloaded application exclusive for iPhone and Mac users. The platform resembles a much direct and old-school messaging system that can be used for both internet and SMS texts. The internet messages can be synced in all of the users Mac devices and following the strict protocols of data privacy stated by Apple. iMessages work with a constant backup sent directly to the users iCloud services, it also features different apps from the App Store like image editing, arcade games or GPS services.

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