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Ipod images


Hello, i have images stored in my ipod, the laptop with the images has been stolen. How do i recover the pictures from my ipod 5th generation clas...

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Itunes delete songs if i transfer them


Hello, i recently bought a new computer and downloaded my itunes. before on my old computer i had an itunes with like 200 songs. since i got my new c...

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My ipod fell into water


Hello, My Ipod felt into water yesterday night and I want to know weather the ipod can work again.

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Cannot sync videos onto my ipod


Hello, I got my ipod nano 8gb 4th generation about a month ago. I put songs on it fine and then i downloaded some videos and when i plugged in my ip...

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Crashed harddrive with itunes lost


Hello, would like to move my ipod library back to new hardrive in original computer can reload itunes but cannot get all my library back thanks ...

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Dissertation help

Ipod locked


Hello, ipod locked and son can't remember passcode...trying to go thru your steps but cannot.....there is no device option to go to unlock..please...

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Pictures, video for ipod nano


Hello, Kindly tell me whether jpg files can be directly copied to an iPod Nano and viewed onto it aslo what format videos shall work on the same. ...

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Itunes won't install


Hello, When I install iTunes it gets near the end and says "There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A programme required for this ...

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Itunes coverflow is showing up black!


Hello, My Itunes Coverflow is showing up Black where my album art should be. In any other view is fine (grid view) but when I select Coverflow it...

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Itunes don't recognize ipod


Hello, I had to take my computer to be worked on. They had reinstall the operating system. After that they reinstalled Itunes and the library but now ...

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The verification for itunes store isnt workin


Hello, im creating an account with itunes store and the last step is connecting....i've been waiting for it to connect for the longest. I don't know ...

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The new ipod nano 5g video to computer and dv


hey well i got my ipod nano 5th generation the one with the video camera.i have heaps of videos that i have taken with it, but i dont no how to get th...

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Computer crashing down when ipod is plug in


Hello, I have a window vista which keeps crashing down on me by showing the blue screen of death on my monitor when I plug in my ipod. When my iTunes ...

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Ipod headphone problem


Hello, I have had my ipod headphones for a while and suddenly the sound isn't coming out right. It comes out of the little hole behind the headpho...

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My computer is not recognising my ipod and t


hi there.. i have a 30gig colour ipod (not sure which gen that is) and i have recently upgraded to windows 7. i've tried synching my ipod for the firs...

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My ipod got wet, how to make it work?


Hi. My iPod Nano (4th Gen) got soaked in alcohol. When I opened it, it still works but kind of blurry, the loud speaker won't work and there's alcohol...

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My ipod touch 2g wont turn on....


Hello, i have tried to turn on my ipod touch 2g and when i do all it does is show me the apple logo and then it turns off. what should i do??? ple...

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My itunes store isn't working properly!


Haii... i have itunes and it is working properly and everything except when I try to import a cd it starts to import but after it has imported I have...

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How to transfer from ipod to computer?


Hello, I have tried numerous times to transfer the songs from my iPod touch to my computer with no luck. I have gone on my computer on iTunes unde...

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Please help me install itunes 9.2


Hello, I have just downloaded itunes and when I go to run the app it says my itunes.exe is not valid Win32 application. I am confussed there seem...

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Itunes 9 installation failure


Hello, everytime I try to install itunes 9 I get this error message when it says Publishing Product Information. the message reads like this: An erro...

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Error msg with installing itunes


Hello, I keep getting the following message when trying to install the latest version of itunes: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer pac...

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How to put photos on ipod nano 8gb


i its my second problem with my ipod nano 8gb i don't know how to put photos on it if you know how then help me couse im realy upset with this hel...

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My ipod wont turn on, i donot know what to do


Hello, why is it, when i try and turn my ipod on, a screen with comes up, and then it turns its self off? what do i do, ...

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I tunes wont initiate when i plug in my ipod


Hello, My itunes does not initiate when I plug in my ipod.It doesnt even show up as a devise on My Computer.This is a new problem.I cant think of any...

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Make an ipod compatible with windows media pl


Hello, i hav an ipod touch and i want to download songs from windows media player. i know you can download things that will allow that but i can not ...

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New ipod nana


Hello, My daughters are worried that if I plug my new nano into our pc it will delete all of their itunes off. Will this happen and if it does ho...

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How do i put music on an ipod touch???


Hello, I need freaking help with my crappy ipod touch i rlly dnt know how 2 put music on it Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 3.5.9

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My ipods broke please help!! )):


Hello, I Turned my ipod off and the next day when i went to turn it on it said i needed to plug it into itunes. So i did and then a message popped u...

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Ipod shuffle problem


hey everyone i bought a ipod shuffle 1st gen 512mb of trade me and it says it is not connecting to itunes . it is getting recognised by my macbook ...

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Help! ipod is all weird!


Hey, I can't live without my iPod and i always connected it to my itunes to play my songs so that it would charge my iPod too. And the other night,...

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Happy :)

Ipod transfer


Hello, I have a new laptop and an existing ipod but the music is saved on a computer that I no longer have access to. How do I get the music from th...

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Itunes won't detect ipod classic


Hello, I have spent approx. 7 hours trying everything from apple suggestions and all other website suggestions. I have reset my ipod classic 80...

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If i upgrade my itunes to 9.0 does it delete?


Hi, Um, i dont have a ipod anymore, but my friend wants me to download songs to her ipod & i tried but wheni plugged it into my laptop a message popp...

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Ipod transfer to a new laptop


Hello, These days I have a new laptop and all my iTunes files are still on the old computer. so i wanna get all my content from my iTunes(also in my...

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Hello, hi im shoemate and i have been having a problem with itunes like 3 days ago it been stop working it makes it go blue and the the loading sig...

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Ipod volume


Hello, i cant figure out the password to change the volume can you please help me? thanks

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Heyy. I'm trying to download Itunes on my computer and it downloads but then when i try to open it, it says i need quicktime. I know I have quicktime ...

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Ipod sync problems


Hello, I have just purchased a new laptop after my old one broke, i am trying to sync my ipod to the new system with no joy it will connect but not...

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Ipod nano 8gb


Hello, hi. i bought a apple ipod nano 8gb with no disc. i need help please. how do i get the the ipod to stop failling when i plug it in to the us...

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Trouble upgrading to itunes 8


Hello,i am using windows xp and i have an older version of itunes, but now need to upgrade to itune 8 b/c i just purchased an iphone. i am not what yo...

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Installing itunes 8


Hello, IMaybe this will help someone. I couldn't get i tuners 8 to install, it said I need quicktime which I had. I searched forever for these tips...

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Ipod hang


Hello, my ipod has got's not responding to any of the task,from the last half an hour it's lying like this only.It's not gettin switched o...

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Itunes 8.0.2 and ati graphics error?????


Hello, I'm having a problem downloading iTunes 8.0.2 into my pc laptop, but not my pc desktop. Everytime I reboot my laptop my screen looks stretched ...

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