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  • Splitting list of names with formula - can you spot what's wrong Solved/Closed

    Hi everyone, I have a list of 1805 names which are gathered in a single column. These names range in length and "format" (e.g. John Smith, John C ...

    excelamateur | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 30, 2012
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  • IF FUNCTION in excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, my formula is =If(or(A5="016f7",A5="016b8",A5="017a3"),The monthly instalment is equivalent to...........,"") I want in place of ..........

    bkaromo | Latest reply: bkaromo Nov 30, 2012
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  • Comparing two excel worksheets Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am trying to find an easy way to compare and extract data from two excel worksheets. This is the scenario.. I have an excel worksheet ...

    squirrel | Latest reply: lcouri Nov 28, 2012
    10 replies
  • Cut/Copy in VBA Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am fairly new to Macros but I am trying to write vba code in Excel 2003 version that will enable me to cut/copy a table from one worksh...

    Chamberlyn | Latest reply: Chamberlyn Nov 26, 2012
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  • Covnvert numbers to single words Solved/Closed

    Hello, In excel 2010 i would like to convert numers to words i.e. 123.00 (one two three point zero zero) or 1006235.23 (one zero zero six two thre...

    naaur | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 23, 2012
    3 replies
  • Compare and copy data from one column to another Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to compare column A in Sheet 1 with column A in Sheet 2, then copy corresponding values in column N from sheet 1 to column N in ...

    VBLearner | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 20, 2012
    4 replies
  • excel formulaes Solved/Closed

    Hello, If there are two conditions, how to use the IF formulae. Regards

    lancymenezes | Latest reply: lancymenezes Nov 16, 2012
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  • Help on generating a number series using a macro Solved/Closed

    Hello, I would appreciate your help with a macro I am trying to create in Excel 2010 my Data is as below Column1 Column2 Column3 (Name) (start nu...

    sbhambra | Latest reply: venkat1926 Nov 15, 2012
    2 replies
  • dynamic range and named ranges Solved/Closed

    Hi, I have a list of students in Sheet 1,2,3 where being updated regularly. They are named ranges "Boys" & "Girls" in Column A & B respectively. In...

    iloco | Latest reply: iloco Nov 13, 2012
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  • multiple data in one stacked column Solved/Closed

    Hello, i am trying to plot a column chart and I want multiple data to appear in one column. example: I am plotting all the submitted inspections...

    diestra123 | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 7, 2012
    3 replies
  • VBA for deleting data in row but not formulas Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am working on a spreadsheet where I have to copy data over to a new sheet, once the data is copied I want to delete the data in the row f...

    Debs269 | Latest reply: Debs269 Oct 31, 2012
    7 replies
  • Automation of running excel macros Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a macro in excel which needs to be run twice a day and I dont even want to open the excel sheet. How can I make this process automati...

    Ped | Latest reply: Aurorian Oct 31, 2012
    11 replies
  • Comparing two cell in different spreadsheets Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm currently struggling to do the following: Spreadsheet A Sheet1 Name Expenses Date ...

    narley7 | Latest reply: narley7 Oct 29, 2012
    5 replies
  • Comparing Two Lists of ID Numbers in Excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, thanks in advance for reading this. I have a list of student ID numbers which I would like to use as a student check-in. Column A is the num...

    digitiser | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Oct 28, 2012
    3 replies
  • excel i want to sum only numeric values except alphabetic values Solved/Closed

    Hello, in a school resultsheet where each student having numeric values of their marks in 5 subjects.i am using formula =D6+F6+H6+L6+P6 for total ...

    soni17177 | Latest reply: soni17177 Oct 22, 2012
    2 replies
  • change cell color based on input in a range of cells Solved/Closed

    Hello everyone, I have formatted a cell based on a specific text entered in one cell. Example, A1 will turn green if I write "yes" on B2, using cond...

    diestra123 | Latest reply: diestra123 Oct 22, 2012
    2 replies
  • Nested if's Solved/Closed

    Hello, I would appreciate if somebody could help me in solving this problem. I am trying to make exel decide in an scheduled soccer games which team ...

    Juan Gracinao | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Oct 21, 2012
    3 replies
  • Excel date format won't change Solved/Closed

    If I enter a date into a cell in my Excel spreadsheet using the shortcut (CTRL+;), I can no longer change the formatting (right-click, format cell). T...

    gto49 | Latest reply: Peaches Oct 19, 2012
    13 replies
  • excel,problem with if function Solved/Closed

    Hello, i am working with excell with follwing formula- =IF(H33>=75,"A",IF(H33>=60,"B",IF(H33>=45,"C",IF(H33>=33,"D",IF(H33>=0,"E",IF(H33=AB,"E"...

    soni17177 | Latest reply: soni17177 Oct 17, 2012
    4 replies
  • Highlight Cells Based on Drop Down List Selection Solved/Closed

    Good day, I would like to have a row highlighted in color based on the drop down list selection. I have inserted the following in Worksheet but I e...

    wliang | Latest reply: wliang Oct 8, 2012
    4 replies
  • Excel 2003 days before a certain date Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am making a spreadsheet which has, for example, a given date of 1/1/2012. When I enter that number into cells A1, I want it to return ...

    news12kim | Latest reply: news12kim Oct 5, 2012
    2 replies
  • Insert Line Number for Two Columns Document Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a problem to do a process of line numbering in MS Office 2007 Word Document. I have a document, it has 2 columns and I have to inser...

    Karthikeyan N | Latest reply: CrazyOliv Oct 3, 2012
    3 replies
  • Create drop down list on certain cells Solved/Closed

    Good day, I wanted to create a drop down list from data in Sheet2. I have tried the following codes but the outcome seems to be incorrect. Instead...

    wliang | Latest reply: venkat1926 Oct 1, 2012
    6 replies
  • Macro for finding dates Solved/Closed

    Hi guys, Is there a macro that would give me the the cells in a column in which there are dates between 2012 and 2013. It can be easily filtered b...

    DG83 | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Sep 26, 2012
    3 replies
  • Macro To Copy Data Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have two excel sheet with three column on each sheet Sheet 1 Sr.NO Code Name 1 1256 2 1256 3 1258 4 1258 5 1259 6 1259 7...

    ek2teen | Latest reply: ek2teen Sep 23, 2012
    4 replies
  • How to build a macro that does this... Solved/Closed

    Hello guys, I would like to build a sheet that contains several names and infomation pertaining to each name. The first tab would be the search in...

    DG83 | Latest reply: DG83 Sep 23, 2012
    13 replies
  • Separating items from columns Solved/Closed

    Hello guys, Could you please help with this... Is it possible to do the following in excel: I have similar cells to this in one column: Ford v-36...

    DG83 | Latest reply: DG83 Sep 18, 2012
    4 replies
  • A Macro to move data from rows to columns Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have data in a single column and would like to copy it into a rows for every x rows, for example; The column of data varies in the amoun...

    Arnold2222 | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 13, 2012
    9 replies
  • How to match 2 row of data in excel ? Solved/Closed

    Hello, brothers & sisters I have 2 columns of companies name say (column a=38900),(column b=1000) so how can i use a formula to do a match by thei...

    royang28 | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Sep 11, 2012
    1 reply
  • Excel, comparing two sets of two rows Solved/Closed

    Hello, I know the title may be a little confusing, and I apologize for that, but I really did not know how to phrase it. What I have is two Excel...

    Sanzer | Latest reply: Sanzer Sep 6, 2012
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  • macro to compare two excel sheets Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need help to write macro to compare two sheets, sheet1 and sheet2 on same excel book and display the result on the third sheet. The ...

    annajins | Latest reply: Aks Aug 2, 2012
    6 replies
  • Excel Help Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a schedule for the employees, and it contains seven columns as 7 days in a week. If any range of the columns contains text " ...

    femina | Latest reply: femina Aug 1, 2012
    2 replies
  • Excel: Comparing two columns and output data Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2007 and am trying to figure out a way to analyze and sort some data. I have two sets of data in 6 and 5 columns in the sa...

    Siah | Latest reply: Siah Jul 28, 2012
    7 replies
  • Problem with excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, I was trying to write a formula in excel where IF A1 is greater than 7 then 1 would be substracted from it and if it is greater than 5 but...

    morpheusmp | Latest reply: aquarelle Jul 18, 2012
    5 replies
  • Excel: Splitting of data based on calculation Solved/Closed

    Good day, I would like to seek help to how to split and populate data based on the result of certain calculation. Here are the criteria for the...

    wliang | Latest reply: wliang Jun 30, 2012
    4 replies
  • Excel 2007 IF function Solved/Closed

    Hello, Need formula to say if cell has NA put 0 but if the cell has a date (yy,mm,dd) then subtract cell L1 from cell E1. Trying to determine how ...

    Nikki | Latest reply: Nikki Jun 25, 2012
    2 replies
  • VBA - Transferring select Data to new sheet Solved/Closed

    Hey there, I'm trying to create a macro for an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that will take a record (a row (or rows)) that I've already selected into a new ...

    VirtualInsanity | Latest reply: VirtualInsanity Jun 19, 2012
    10 replies
  • VBA code to conditionally copy the data Solved/Closed

    Hello, need help! see I need a vba code that can copy data from sheet1(raw data) to sheet 2,sheet3 and so on is certain condition matches..exam...

    sunny2u86 | Latest reply: sunny2u86 Jun 4, 2012
    11 replies
  • VBA Macro Help Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a report that I am using for a customer of mine that lists there kits in a matrix for me. Once in a while I find an error where a kit...

    froggy7897 | Latest reply: froggy7897 May 24, 2012
    3 replies
  • split mutiple columns in sets of 40 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have data in 3 columns A,B,C and it goes to 1000 rows, I want it to be splitted in sets of 40 each . Like first 40 then next 40 and so on...

    vikki | Latest reply: rizvisa1 May 12, 2012
    7 replies
  • How to concanate two cells "line by line" Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have one cell that has names separated with alt + enter. On the other cell, I have additional information on those names (also separate...

    Duffy | Latest reply: Duffy Apr 30, 2012
    2 replies
  • Text to n rows + copy row and insert n times Solved/Closed

    Hello, I would appreciate your help with a macro I am trying to create in Excel 2007. My data is as follows: Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 D...

    Duffy | Latest reply: Duffy Apr 30, 2012
    34 replies
  • Excel Macro - Set and Autofill a range? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I recorded a macro for excel and part of the code is to create an index column that fills the cell with a row count (i.e. A2=1, A3=2, etc.)...

    Joe G | Latest reply: Joe G Apr 26, 2012
    3 replies
  • How to copy informations from Excel to EES Solved/Closed

    Hello, I wanna know if anybody can help me to copy 2 columns (supply) from Excel to EES (another program if anyone used it before) and then copy the...

    mimolaah | Latest reply: mimolaah Apr 22, 2012
    6 replies
  • Excel 2007 Activex Option Button Default? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have two activex option buttons, Yes and No. How do I get it to display "No" as marked as a default? I have created a process that c...

    Josh | Latest reply: Josh Apr 20, 2012
    2 replies
  • Excel date formatting into another column Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to check using IF function in one column and change the date format to another column from MM/DD/YYYY to has DD/MM/YYYY in excel 2010....

    Hezron | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Apr 16, 2012
    1 reply
  • Excel - transfer information from file Solved/Closed

    Hi there! I have run into some problems when transferring information from one Excel file to another. I have a big Excel file with a lot of informa...

    Andy | Latest reply: Andy Apr 13, 2012
    2 replies
  • Add when multiple criteria is met in rows Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to add numebrs when multiple criteria is met! I want to add numbers in B115:BF115, but only the ones that have an "A" in row B8...

    Gouws | Latest reply: Gouws Apr 13, 2012
    15 replies
  • Sumifs in Excel 2003 Solved/Closed

    Sir I was using System with office 2010 and deriving some values by using "Sumifs" function. Now i am using Office 2003 system. When i copied the wo...

    Kumar | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Apr 10, 2012
    7 replies
  • Create new worksheet & copy the based on date Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can any one help me to copy the excel sheet data from one sheet to another sheet? -> I have one excel sheet (name: Test.xls, sheet name: S...

    Raja | Latest reply: Raja Apr 9, 2012
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