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Monitor powers on and off

Hello, My monitor shows the red light to show its powered on but when we insert the input , like hdmi, it stays blank and doesnt do anything. I ha...

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Display not coming

Hello, I am change the SMPS fan and mother bord fan in another system to my system . All fan is working but not coming the display. System Conf...

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Black screen on dell inspiron n5040


Hello, I have a dell inspiron N5040, about a few minutes ago, it showed unhandled exception and when i restarted it, it showed a blank screen ...

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Monitor on desktop pc started turning off every 7

Hp pavilion 20. Suddenly the monitor Even when im working. I can hibernate or restart machine. But 7 mins it again. ...

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Pc crash, now not working

My PC crashed like a hour ago... I've been trying to figure out how to fix it... So far nothing... I was playing Ark: Survival Evolved then it crashed...

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Samsung tv won't stay on screen fit

I am currently using a samsung tv for a monitor for my pc, xbox and switch. The issue I have is that in some games important parts of the screen are c...

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No signal to the monitor in windows 10

I turn on the computer , and it seem it work fine, but there is no signal to the computer.

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Lg monitor, d-sub power saving mode?

D-Sub power saving mode is all I can get up on my AMD desktop. I think it's a problem with the LG monitor because it gets signal enough to try to star...

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Computer booting but nothing on monitor

Hi, Today I was using my computer as usual and I got an error message ‘bad pool header’ at which point my computer restarted and shortly after reboot...

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Dell inspiron n5010 blank screen at startup

Hello, I have an issue with my Inspiron N5010 screen, intel core i5. It showes black screen when switching my laptop on, but everything else is...

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Pc can't boot pass the dell splash screen?


Hello, I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100. I've had it for a little over a year now. I'm a big gamer and recently, after a long day's worth of gaming, ...

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Display is blank

Hello, I am using Acer gateway NE46Rs1 laptop.In this laptop when I press the power button the light is on but display is blank how to solve this pr...

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Dell blank / black screen


Hi everyone, I have a Dell Latitude E5430 I logged into my computer this morning and as I had it connected to a projector yesterday the screen r...

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Display wont come up

So i Just built a new gaming PC - It worked for two days and got windows installed; all my programs and created a backup. After I was happy with e...

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No signal showing on monitor

I am really upset because I just bought a new pc for 1600 dollars and a moniter for 500 I opened it and checked all the pins that they were in properl...

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Tower turns on, keyboard, mouse, and monitor don’t

Hi! So my computer is a cyber PowerPC and when I turn it on, the mouse, monitor, and keyboard will not turn on.. the lights on my keyboard will turn o...

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Laptop not starting

Hello, i have power off the battery,press power button for 15 sec nd then again start my laptop but nothing could happen.It is still not start...

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Monitor shows no signal but cpu works fine

Hi, My monitor shows NO SIGNAL but my CPU turns on. I tried all the possible ways. 1. Tried removing CMOS and cleaned up. 2. Tried removing RAM a...

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My screen keeps flickering and shaking.


Please help me my computer keeps shaking and flickering and then it will eventually freeze and I can't do anything to get out of it except holding the...

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Vga card no signal

where in a monitor display is the VGA Card and what is the main function of it? Can it cause a monitor to give a NO signal if faulty?

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Incrediable mail says not responding

Hello, why does my incrediable mail say not responding when I turn it on. This happens most times. System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 6...

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Lcd monitor black screen

Okay guys I need your help - I have Philips 220sw9fb/00 monitor, and some time ago my monitor started failing - the screen started to go black all the...

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Monitor stands by

Hello, I have the same problem. I accidentally unplugged the power source and then it all shut down. When I tried to turn it on, the monitor goes on a...

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Laptop screen black when turned on


Hello, My laptop when turned on remains black, and the bluetooth icon is on. If i try to turn on cap locks or anything like that, it doesn't show up...

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Monitor doesn’t get a signal

Hello, So I built my computer recently and I’m pretty sure I put everything in correctly how ever when I boot it I turns on perfectly fine and the ...

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My screen is darkened on the top half. how do i fix?

Only the top half of my screen shows up as dark, I have read a bit around and it has nothing to do with my eye level or the such. Are there any ways t...

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Monitor not connecting to tower

Hello, I’ve just got an ASUS 11G series tower and an asus monitor for Christmas. The tower is turning on but it won’t connect to my monitor it say...

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Monitor remains turned off (not blank screen) when pc is on

My monitor is turned off. By off i mean no light blinking. My cpu is on but the problem is my monitor. It suddenly turned off and wont turn on even wh...

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New motherboard and graphics card, but monitor not working

Hello! I have bought a new graphics card and motherboard. I've installed everything and it works but my monitor isnt working. I have dual monitors,...

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Toshiba laptop black screen

Hello, I have a toshiba laptop with a broken screen. thats why i always connect it with my tv but some months ago when i start my laptop its just ...

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Hello, Dear sir I'd like to ask you about my computer view sonic. It appear the windows when i stat the system (File"C:\Google\googleupdate.a3x") ...

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Monitor for new pc goes to sleep mode

Hello everyone. This "Q" may have asked before, but I like to know what to do. New PC, connect the all cables, but monitor goes to sleep mode. Any...

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Problems making my laptop work via external plasma via vga

Hi,i have a toshiba laptop with a broken when i power it on after connecting it with the vga it powers on on the plasma then after loading a...

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Blue screen prompt to insert smart card


Hello, I have a problem on my laptop which is compaq nc6230 notebook The question is,WHEN I SWITCH ON THERE APPEAR A BLUE SCREEN WHICH SAY INSERT...

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Screen won’t display

Hello, My Acer Aspire E 15 laptop screen will not display my screen is gray with lines help me please

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Black screen problem?

Hello, So recently I have had a problem that's driving me nuts. So I've recently bought a brand new Samsung 850 evo ssd. Installed windows on it a...

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Jordan Mullaney

Red line at bottom of laptop screen

Red line at bottom of laptop screen (Dell 3558). Started 11/22/2017. Is this repairable or does the unit need to be replaced ? DocWoodland

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Records officer

Hello, System Configuration: Windows / Internet Explorer 11.0 my internet yahoo email and face book got blocked by yahoo system but wheneve...

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Screen got all the sudden huge!

So i was just logging in then my screen said "no signal" then loaded back up with everything HUGE! Icons are big Webpages also huge! Example the Tabs ...

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Hardware fault

Hello, after many times switch on off display light comes . At least 10-15 mints. Pls help me. Comp monitor L177sbws.

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Can't connect my laptop to external monitor

Hello, So I can't exactly connect my laptop (with a broken screen) to an external monitor. I have technically tried doing everything to connect it ...

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Pc fans, led lights and everthing turns on but doesnt show up on

Hello, I recently built a pc working perfectly. I decided to go in and cable manage only to accidentally break the 3.0 usb connector. My friend sa...

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Toshiba satellite a215-s5837 black screen

I have a Toshiba satellite a215-s5837 with a black screen. I replaced the LCD screen last night but it is still black. Help

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Laptop screen pink out!!!


Hello, m using toshiba laptop core duo...i dont know why sometime when I turn it on the screen got pink!!!!!!!!!!!! all the graphic are pink out!!...

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Why is my screen darker than normal

I have a Lg moniter and last week i turned on my computer and i found out it is much darker than normal i haven’t changed the settings i don’t know wh...

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My crt tv has sound, but no picture


Hello,my crt tv have sound but not picture what is the cause? System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 52.0

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Replaced the monitor and now it will not let me open any program

Replaced the monitor and now it will not let me open any programs in full screen .i can see the program is open but I cannot access it

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Trying to connect old acer with broken screen to tv or pc

Hello, Currently trying to get access to a very old Acer laptop that I have so that I can access any files or photos that may still be on the comp...

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Hp pavilion g7 laptop broken lcd help!!!!!

I have a HP pavilion g7 laptop with a broken lcd. Until after I updated to windows 10 I'd been able to use my Emerson 32" flat screen as a monitor vi...

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Acer mini, screen changes sizes, randomly


Hello, I have an Acer mini. The screen randomly changes sizes while in use. All of a sudden the font becomes huge, or very small. I don't know if I...

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