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Connecting two pcs using crossover ethernet c


Hello, i try Connecting two PCs using crossover Ethernet cable and when i use this ip- for pc1 and this ip- for pc2 thei...

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How to get wifi on laptop


Hello, if i all ready have a desktop how would i get wifi and my laptop Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 7.0

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Problem connecting desktop and laptop togethe


Hello, I have a desktop with Win XP Sp3 a laptop with Win7 and a cable internet connection and a wireless router Linksys WRT54G2. When i con...

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Vista wont display any internet pages


Hello, I have 3 computers on a network using a netgear router. They were all recently working fine, until lately one of the computers (that has Vi...

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Disabled wifi auto detect


Hello, can anyone help me? i have an acer laptop with windows 7 starter and it has an auto detect for wifi connection. but when I upgraded to wind...

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Speed problem in aircel gprs


Hello, Sir, I want to know how can I speed up my aircel GPRS pocket internet connection. When I point on the icon showing the status of internet conn...

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prabhat jain

Problem cable modem ip add release/renew


Hello, I have finally been able to release and re-new my cable IP address after speaking with my cable provider. It was a real nightmare. I have...

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How to use vodafone gprs via pc


Hello, I am using the vodafone gsm network on my samsung phone i have to connect the vodafone gprs service to my pc. Please advise.

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Can't see documents when sharing


Hello, I accidentally deleted my Documents and then I put it back in the same place where it came from, but when my brother tries to share a file ...

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GM Madman

Help wr641g tp link router


Hello, Help! I have a PC, account with Virgin (who are no help to my problem!!) I had a laptop configured to my via TP link router WR641G Have lost ...

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Not able to connect to internet with router n


Hello, I have a notebook Acer inspiron one with windows xp, connected to internet by wireless router G D-Link DIR 300 without problem. Then I...

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Xp download all to much


Hello, hi my daughter asked me to connect her old computer to internet it was connected by ethernet cable but i did not work so i brought a ethern...

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About the 400 error occured


Hello, wen i open the video i canot open the video becouse of there indicate "error occured please try again later"like that. i want to remove this ...

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Wireless security: what for?


Hello, folks! My question has to do with wireless network security. Let me apologize in advance for what may seem to be a silly question. I'm a lon...

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Geeky Boy

Tata photon whiz modem ppp link control


Hello, I have Tata Photon Whiz modem. When I connect, a error message "ppp link control protocal terminated". How can I solve this? Please send ...

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Ares won't connect


Hello, I have ares vista 3.0.9 and won't connect can some1 plz help me? Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.8

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Bsnl modem automatic reset


Hello, I have a D Link DNA-A211-1 model wifi modem which I bought from BSNL for my BB BSNL connection some 2.5 years ago. Since I have shifted to ...

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Anonymous User

Bluetooth wireless switch dell inspiron m5010


Can someone please help me? How can I activate my bluetooth switch on Dell Inspiron M5010? I have looked in lots of places to find this answer, but ...

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Wifi problem with samsung corby pro b5310


I have the best ans. I m using corby pro from last 2 months. I m using internet through wifi. It is so simple. first u go into wifi. then search for ...

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Connect wireless adapter to wireless router


Hello, we use two laptops in an RV and I want to place a wireless adapter on top of the RV to increase range. The wireless adapters are USB. I need t...

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Wireless driver


Hello, i cant find wireless driver for my notebook this is g6 hp 1236 se help me please Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

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Anonymous User

Talktalk unable to connect to internet


Hello, Have a router with talktalk and is Connected but getting no Internet with Laptop, ps3 and phones if anyone can help plz be v...

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Sharing the folder on


Hello, I am sharing a folder on a network which is having many folders in it. i have given Full control to this shared folder. but i want read obl...

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Network problame


Hello, my nokia handset 6070 my hand set not suported for idea sim card plz solve my problame Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 535.2

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Forgot adsl password


Hello, I have forgot the adsl password. Please suggest me how can I reset the modem. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

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Anonymous User

Netgear installation cd????


Hello, I have a netgear WG111v2 wireless usb adapter but no installation cd to install it on my computer for internet access. Does any one know a ...

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Anonymous User

Wireless connection problem


Hello, I have my ipod a desktop and a laptop all utilizing the wireless connection from our main computer. Everything was working perfectly unti...

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Anonymous User

Network controller


I have problemes with my network controller , my leptop type is Toshiba Satellite C660- 1CD. I don't know where can i found drivers for these device.....

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Anonymous User

How to get 100kb/ps speed with nokia 7230


hai.. i m using nokia 7230 with bsnl 3g'but i m not getting 100kb/ps speed when i connect with desktop its average 45kb/ps,bsnl 3g server is 2...

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Can't surf microsoft company web


Hello, my computer no virus and other threats and i try disable my dns, using tips that delete cookie and temp but still can't i...

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Wireless internet - window will restart


Please Help, I recently reboot my Sony Vaio Laptop to restore to factory setting (F-10) and all seem to be fine till I switch on the wireless switc...

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Youtube problems


I have never been able to open youtube. The little circle in the middle of the screen just kept going around. Then I got a PS3 for my TV was having ...

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System share


Hello, i have a 4 system&4 inter net connection but i down know how to share it? i have only modem i want use 1 system for administrator pleas he...

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Customize default page with my g-router


hello friend i have a linksys G-router WRT54GH and i want my router to show a default page to all the computers which wants my internet via wifi means...

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Sos problem does not open


Hello, i have ares downloaded,,have used it and it works great., i press the icone but it will not show up,, it shows that my files are downloading,...

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Hello, i am having trouble connecting


Hello, I have windows 7 on my laptop and forgot to update my spyware so now the system will not let me access the internet to update it. I ran spy...

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Port 80 incoming


Hello, I accidentally closed port 80 for incoming connection through my router settings. Now i can't access my router i.e ( Please he...

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Installing the linksys wrt54g2 v1


Hello, Please anyone help me. I need to reinstall my linksys router to another computer using another ISP. I lost my installation CD. How do I in...

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Internet explorer has stopped working


Hello, i try to open internet explorer browser and it says that it stopped working and i cant go to the internet. Help please Configuration: W...

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Web page won't connect wirelessly to internet


Hello, I'm running Vista on a HP machine. I CAN connect to the internet through ethernet but cannot connect wirelessly. My machine sees all availabl...

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Recover deleted mail from gmail


Hello, can any one help me please how to retrieve deleted mail one year back from gmail? any softwares available? what are all the procedur...

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Downgrade win 2008 server to 2003 server


Hello, I am trying to install W2003 Server. I am told that MS no longer do 2003 Server licences, and that now the only way of getting a licensed W2...

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New modem router <belkin n150 surf wireless >


Hello, I have purchased a Belkin N150 Surf wireless Modem Router I can Not get it to connect to the Internet. I have a Net gear router that...

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Downloding speed limiter


Hello, i have a linksys router and a connection too (10mbps) and from my router i am providing more 3 wired connections but all 3 of them d...

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Restriction code for nokia 2730c-1


Hello, Pleasse help; I need a restriction code for my Nokia. its IMEI: 356057/03/336911/7

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Can not put comment on facebook.


Hello, Yes, I had loged in... when i type my comment finished then i press comment button then it come out a box say about "You are blocked from maki...

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Forgot password to netgear router.


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0I have forgotten the password to my netgear router. I need it to use wifi in downloadi...

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Straight-through & crossover cable


Hello, I have to make a Straight-Through and crossover cable so plz tell me how to do it thanks Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 534.30

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Help - how do i set up my laptop wirelessly?


Hello, I do not have much idea about computers so wonder if someone can help. I have a windows xp computer which is connected to a wireless belki...

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Forgotten wireless password


Hello, I'm at my dad's office and its my first day at work.. I've just spent an hour trying to figure out how to find the wireless connection's p...

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