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Nokia x2-01 increase internet speed


how do i increase network speed on nokia x2-01

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Modem router mbrn3000 disconnect


Hi fellows, To monitor my Photovoltaic standalone system, I use a Netgear router-modem MBRN3000 (bought 2012) and a 3G antenna MTE ZF190. It does w...

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Lg smart tv


I recently subscribed to Netflix streaming directly into my LG Smart TV. Since then, the tv struggles to stream videos via the internet or from You Tu...

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Wireless router connected but no internet


Hello, my sons laptop will not connect to internet I have ipconfig all it says this request requires elevation also the media is disconnected iam n...

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Acer small tablet laptop wont connect to wifi


Hello, my acer notebook the tiny one wont connect to wifi. please help it says no wifi connections.????

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Linksys wrt54g and charter


Hi, I've used my Linksys WRT54G wireless router with Charter cable internet for a few years. Small problems here and there but nothing a reboot/...

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Lan setup with a switch


Hi Sir, I'm to setup a LAN for 5 machines with an 8 port switch. The machines has Windows 7 and windows 10. The purpose is to access a localhost...

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Facing login problems with my wifi router


Hi, I have been trying to log into my router but it is not working since yesterday. I changed the password 2 months back but I am having trouble d...

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Installing a lan


Hello, his can I install a LAN with 10 client computers, one server and one printer in a windows environment? Please help..Thanks

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Facebook messenger nokia 215 request time out


Hello, i can't log in face book massanger in Nokia show 'request time out' please help me fix this problem.

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Vpn connects but no remote lan access


Hello, This just started happening about two weeks ago. I connect to a client site using Microsoft VPN client (pptp). THis has worked for well ov...

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Cannot open with tp-link


I have TP-link TD W8151N modem n router ADSL2+. I am unable to open But when I ping from cmd I receive replies. No username o...

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How to join a vpn


How will i start VPN?

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Multiple connections to wireless printer


Hey everyone, i got a new printer and it also works as a scanner. The product claims to be a wifi inbuild version. The executive told me that i can co...

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Can connect to vpn but can not connect remote


Hello, I have a vista business. It worked fine with internet, vpn, local network and remote desktop. On 24-th December something has happened on my...

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Best free vpn app


Hello, Can you tell me one of the best VPN apps I can download to my iOS mobile with out being expensive I prefer a free app that is

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Acer aspire a114-31 can't connect to the internet


Hello, Suddenly this evening, my laptop has refused to connect to the internet. I use Windows 10S. When I go to Network and Internet, it shows un...

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Router disconects when phone gets used


Hello, when I use my phone my sky router box turns off and I lose my internet connection I have phoned sky about this they say its my lap top but it ...

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Modem is connected but not the internet?


Hello, I am sharing a wireless modem connection with my neighbour (long story - he has the modem and has loaned the secured access key to me) and h...

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To install wireless usb adapter without cd


Hello, I lost my CD that came with my wireless USB adapter number 802.11g DWL-G122. Is there anyway I can install same on my new PC? Please he...

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Square with red x in network symbol


Hello, I've been having some wifi problems for a while now. I have a ASUS A541U laptop with windows 10. When I turn my pc on, it used to connec...

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Netflix connection


Hi, I want Netflix on my direct tc. How do I do that?

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Ratnendra Ashok  

How activate a new t-mobile sim card?


Hi, Help me to activate new sim card with T-Mobile.

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Internet is connected, but can't use any browsers


Hello, I have a problem with my internet. I recently deleted few programs from my computer and now I can not use any browser. Other programs are w...

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Sony vaio wireless switch problem


Hello, I just recently put a new power jack in my laptop. Everything worked fine except for now my wireless does not work. I have a Dell Latitude D...

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Powerline internet not identified


Hi, I have a Germany-made Fritz 510E Powerline set. I have been using it for around 3 months. My ethernet connection was working perfectly until a ...

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I can connect to the internet but not router


Hello, I have a netgear wireless router CG814WG that is hardwired to my PC. I am connected to the internet and can surf to my hearts content. The pro...

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How long will it take to download the movie?


How long will it take to download the movie? Thanks!

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Sony vaio wireless switches off unexpectedly


Hello, I have a Sony Vaoi Core laptop with i5 processor with Windows 7 installed on it. The problem is that the Wireless LED switches off unexpect...

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Connect but can not access the internet? help


Hello, Windows XP Desktop is showing that its connected to the internet, but when I try to open internet explorer it says. Cannot Find Server. Pag...

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How to create email account?


Hello, i Am Sk Ford I Wanted To Do Email Account

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Ratnendra Ashok  

Wirelessly connect bravia to macbook


I have a new Sony Bravia KDL32EX403, a Sony UWA-BR100 LAN adapter, an N standard router and a new white Macbook. Sony internet video is mostly drivel...

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Jean-François Pillou  

Connection keeps timing out


Hey, I'm having problems with my wireless connection, the internet works for all our other computers in my shop, but mine!! It dies out every coup...

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Jean-François Pillou  

Multiple names on wi-fi/network


Hello, I have a host that i setup with "Lany" name. To use my print by Wi-fi, My computer and the print need to be connected on the same network. ...

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Wan connection down


Hello, One day, out of the blue, my router's WAN connection went down. I went through troubleshooting and turned it off and back on, yada yada yad...

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Ssid names not matching - putting a 2 after name


Hello, as written in the title, I have an annoying issue in both a Vista and a Win 10 based pcs. I have a Netgear router working with the networ...

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Installing asus ac-53 without cd


Hi, I need to install ASUS Ac-53 USB adapter without using the CD. Can someone help me with instruction please?

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Sony vaio wifi not working after win 10 upgrade


Hello, I have recently updated my Sony Vaio laptop VPCEB4X0E from the original windows 7 that came with it to windows 10. Since then the WiFi on t...

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Wifi works but browsers don't? (win10)


Hi, I know wifi is working because online games work but pages don't load at all on browsers. I tried the cmd fix 'netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.t...

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Full network access


Can you help me with this?

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Connection problems


Hello, I have a Asus x205t laptop that lacks the ability to connect on Wi-Fi at home or school and if it does connect at home it keeps dropping sign...

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How to disable username & password network pc


Hello, I have a problem with my network computers. The computers have shared folders. Having configured with file sharing, I wanted this computers ...

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Pos restaurant order system "maitred"


Having some issues, can I get some help? Location is NW Iowa had system for 14 years. Are there current updates?

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Can't connect via wireless after factory restore


Hello, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me. I have a Gateway SX2855 desktop which froze the other day and would not boot up after tha...

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Wifi connected but can't open any websites


Since Friday morning my HP laptop (has windows 7 home premium) can't open any websites. It shows the internet connected on the network (on IPV4). I ha...

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To disable auto login network share folders


Hello, Every time when I access the folder from a network, the computer using IP address \\ gets open easily. But I want to use user ...

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Network...connected. (dns???)


Hello, I have been working on this for a while now. I have a strong wireless connection to my network. But when I try to open a page on firefox it ...

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Can't access internet - wireless working


Hello, We had a storm earlier this week and every since then I have not been able to get on the Internet. Thought it was the router, but we reset i...

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Reset network adapter


Hello, Each time I want to log onto the internet with IE, it say no connect. Then I have to rest my network adapter and corrects the problem. What do...

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My laptop is connected to the internet, but my browser isn't


For the past month or so, my laptop has connected to the internet. But when I go on any browser, I can't use the internet. On Chrome, it says "Unable ...

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