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Internet connecting but cannot browse for any browsers


i changed my ip everything but it occurs the same error internet connecting but cannot browse for any browsers

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No intel (r) adapters are present in this com


Hello, I tried to instal internet but it doesnt work. writtes "no intel (R) adapters are present in this computer" In my device menagment It writ...

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My browser can't connect to the internet unless i uninstall my anti virus


Hello, I use windows xp sp2. any browser of mine (firefox/IE/Opera) cant connect to the internet unless I remove my antivirus program. I use avast...

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Windows 10 cannot locate the wifi adapter


Have just upgraded from windows 7 premium to windows 10 and now am unable to connect to the internet. In fact my toshiba ultrabook cannot locate the w...

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how to modify a mac address on a router? -- uteeve

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Cant find hcl notebook p38 pdc wireless bttn


Hello, i cant find hcl notebook p38 pdc wireless button..plz help

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Can i restore data after deleting in nokia 2700 thr. restore all


PLEASE HELP ME.... I with help of restore all command under Restore factory setting option I tried to updated the setting of my phone Nokia 2700, and ...

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Shows that ethernet cable unplugged though its properly plugged


Hello, I'm experiencing this problem later this afternoon. I cant connect to the internet because it shows that the cable is unplugged. I tried ever...

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No wifi but good signal. aquiring network addres, limited......


Hello, i hope someone can help me get my wifi online.. I bought a used laptop, a Acer travelmate 2410, with Atheros wifi card. But i cant make it onli...

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Wifi disappeared from suggestions on iphone


Hello, My wifi was working perfectly fine until all of the sudden it stopped on my iPhone. I went to settings>wifi but my network was not there..?...

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Routing issue cable modem/adding second router.


Cable company came and "upgraded" the router/modem..In doing so the ip changed for the security cameras and access point I had configured on static ip...

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Connection timing out when network is just fine


My latop using windows 7 while at work is not letting me on 99% of the websites. I am using firefox and chrome to connect and neither worked. My cell ...

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Pinging pc to router


Hi I was trying to upgrade Firmware of WBR-6600 but the power disconnected. now when turn on the power of router the led power always blinking and...

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Internet not connecting properly


Hello, My laptop runs Windows 7 and recently hasn't been connecting to the internet despite the panel saying that it is. Nothing that requires Inter...

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Facebook account is disabled........


Hello, sir my face book account is disabled i dont know was happened i am missing my lot of frds so plz tell me how to find my account...............

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Connect directtv receiver


Hello, I have to connect my DirectTV receiver to the internet for it to download On Demand Programming. The way I want to do it is to use my spare...

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Bsnl nokia siemens wireless router


Hello, Bsnl for its broad band has provided me with a wireless router having make nokia siemens SL2_141. From day 1 I have tried to get this to work ...

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Connection to my router doesn't work anymore.


Hi, I once went to my routersettings (google chrome -->, there I found an option with two check boxes. One was for http and anotherone f...

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Can't see all computers on xp home network


Hello, I have three computers running XP home on 2 and Xp Pro on the other. I also have a laptop running Vista home. All are connected to a 2wire 100...

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Dell laptop wifi not working


Hi frnds, m having some problem with my laptp wifi. It's a Dell inspiron N5110 windows 7 64bit. I can connect to internet through my lan cable(etherne...

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Connected to the internet, but can't connect to sites/gameserver


Hello, I'm connected to the internet, but I cannot go to facebook and certain websites. My devices are also connected to the router via wifi, but ...

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Problem with at&t modem and linksys router


Hello, I am having a problem with getting internet connection after connecting my Linksys WRT54g router to my AT&T DSL/Cable modem. I went through...

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Get ip from router but won't connect to out


Hello, I'm having a new problem on an xp machine that has worked for the last two years. I have a pc that is wired to a router and is receiving an i...

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Question regarding router tests


Hello, I am setting up my router and would like to know what these tests mean and if they are relevant to have a good connection? Please check ...

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Network controller


Hello, How can i get network controller to my dell laptop model no is 3521 please help me for this problem BEST REGARDS SYED

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How to access blocked websites in uae


Hello, I just moved to Dubai, I should admit that it's beautiful. Working here is a new experience for me, and I like it. The only thing that I don'...

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Slow wifi connection for no apparent reason


Hi, I have been having problems with my wifi connection around my flat. My router, a Modem VDSL Comtrend VR-3026e, is plugged in a wall at about 3...

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Linksys wrt54g2 default password doesn't work


Hello, I'm trying to configure this router but after reading the User Guide, I can't get into the Web-Based Utility. I do exactly what it says:...

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Mad Max

Linkus router ea2700 password


I bought a new linkus router and my iPad is asking for my password and I forgot my password from my last router. How do I change password or by pass t...

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Broke my wifi button on my pc


Hello, I have a different situation, i was broke my WiFi button on my PC, so can i turn on wireless inside of system? Need help, please. Config...

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Lan configuration bitween 10 computers


Hello, hello sir, I work in a office where I have to make a LAN connection within 15 machines by using broadband connection. please guide me step by ...

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How to connect 6 compters using lan?


Hi, How to connect 6 Compters using LAN? Thx

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Problem with aspire wifi


HI Folks i am worried I just formatted my laptop aspire 3680 with and made the installation of windows Xp Sp3 on it. The installation has be...

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Acer notebook won't access the internet


Hello, My Acer Aspire one series notebook says it's connected to my wireless connection with excellent signal strength but neither Google Chrome o...

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Wifi driver for hcl-me laptop


Hello, I have a 'HCL -Me' laptop and I found that wifi driver is not installed on my laptop, So I am unable to use the internet with wifi. Can an...

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Server computer


Dear All, I am a new with Server, i plan to hook up Server at my home and i don't know at all about this. I just bought a used HP Prolaint D380 G5...

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How to work with server


I want to learn about server

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Wireless mouse


Hello, mouse model #:EW-600 Name: Optical wireless mouse Battery is charged, USB is plugged in. mouse does not move the cursor.

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Nic teaming


Dear All, I saw in Windows Server 2012 R2, As some one explain me, NIC Teaming is the functions to merge all of Network adapters from the Server to...

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Hp workaround for stubborn wireless button


This totally worked for me!!!! I have a compaq presario.. 1. Install HP wireless assistant (this will install an icon to windows task bar). I...

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Wireless router computer does not establish a connection


I bought this Asus RT-N12 D1 the other day and I've been trying to set it up so far with no results. I've been going trough the QIS and I succeeded in...

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What is prefered dns server?


Dear All, Can you explain me what is 1-Prefered DNS Server 2-Prefered DNS Server I saw them in IP Address version 4. What do they use for? ...

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Problem in configuring netgear jnr1010 with reliance broadband


i 've getting problem in getting configure netgear router with reliance broadband connection ... i have zte modem attached to router ... the router i...

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Dell wireless wlan card has stopped working


Hello, my Dell Wireless WLAN card wireless network controller stopped working and was closed" This pops up when I turn on my comp. Its a dell 1520 in...

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How to know computer slowing


Hello All, 1-Can you let me know that, What making our computer to be slow? 2-How can we know that, our computer slowing, what make it slow? 3-Ho...

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How to share documents from windows 7 to xp in network.


Hello, i have network connection between my windows 7 and xp, but each time i share file, i can access the windows 7 file from xp, i alway have access...

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Bsnl teracom wireless router configuration...


Hi, I am receiving many mails requesting help on how to configure the router... so I am writing this the best of my know...

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Nokia siemens router 1600


Hello, I have an nokia siemens router 1600. I cant connect two computer with my router. the settings available on net helps me but after that I can...

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Internet disconnects when 2nd user is on


Hello, I have a strange problem. I have a modem integrated with wireless router. I'm sharing it with my housemate. My laptop is currently connected...

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Used linksys e1200


i bought a used 1200 on ebay i have no password what to do is there any way to get new pass word

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