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Laptop cant connect wirelessly to home hub


Hello, My daughters laptop cant connect to my wireless broadband. Her computer will connect when we put the ethernet cable in but cant find anythi...

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How to secure my bsnl wifi dna-a211-i


Hi , I am using BSNL Broadband Modem model no; DNA-A211-I. Its Wifi. Its Security type is UNSECURED.How to make it secure. Please help me

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Configuring wireless network


Hello, I am having trouble trying to use windows to configure my wireless network settings. I believe my laptop is using intel(R) PRO/wireless 3945...

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Cannot connect to netgear wgr614 router


Hi, Could anybody help? I have a netgear WGR614 wireless router and am using XP home, with Virginmedia broadband (UK). When I initially set the rout...

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Sharing internet using two laptops


Hello, Can you give a diagram of how to connect two laptops so we can share internet.Thanks.. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.12

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Bad fta reception


Hello, \ I have recently purchased an FTA receiver (MRX-1000 Universal Digital FTA receiver) and satellite dish (50 ? dish) off eBay. However, as ...

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Changing security key


Hello, My wife recently had a stroke and cannot remember the security key that she and a friend set up for our home network. What can I do to chan...

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Generic win32 process encounterea problem,


Hello, I have installed winxp sp2 installed windows worm cleaner it closed all ports, but win32 generic error is still showing up, and my broadban...

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Dear facebook ed


Hello, Configuration: / Opera 9.80My Facebook account has ben disabled how can i regain acces to it please help can i please has access to my ...

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My m/c get automatically get disconnected


Hi All, I am in trouble, When i start my m/c first time then my m/c automatically get disconnected and after some time approximation 30-45min it get ...

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Automatically detect wireless


Hello, I have a Fujitsu Amilo laptop, and it doesn't automatically detect wireless. Every time I have to turn it on, I have to turn on the WLAN m...

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Aircel gprs settings


Hello, Can anyone send me aircel gprs settings on my Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic?????????

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Can my facebook be hacked?


Hello Is it possible for someone to hack into my facebook by knowing my unique ID? There's no way they could know my password but I'm paranoid tha...

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Hotmail hacked?


I get my hotmail email messages coming through to my Blackberry and I read them. I've just logged on to my hotmail account and one of the messages th...

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Internet connection inbetween two laptops.


Hello, I am using bsnl broadband with TYPE 2 ADSL+CPE/IAD. I want to connect the internet connection in between two laptops(sahara(WINDOW X...

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Wrt54g2 v1 setup problem


Hello, I have a Linksys WRT54G2 V1 wireless router connected to a linksys D-link DI-604 ethernet Broadband router and I am trying to access the setup...

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Change host name


i want to know how to change my network host name .i'm using windows xp..please reply me as soon as possible

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Can't connect linksys wrt54gs


Hello, Direct ethernet connection and DOES get me to the user name/password log in, but I can not move beyond there. I keep geting ...

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Wired connection issue


Hello, i have an issue connecting my PS3 to my router. I recently moved to the USA from Canada.When i connect my US laptop to the router my intern...

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Trying to uninstall norton


Hello, I have been having so many problems trying to uninstall Norton.. I finally decided to try the Norton Removal Tool but everytime I click o...

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I cant dlt net messenger service from my pc.


Hello, i have downloaded net messenger service and everytime i open my pc the messenger sings me in automaticly. i've tryied to delete it but i ca...

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Using sprint broadband as modem for my pc


Hello, I would like to use my cell phone ( Blackberry Curve 8530) with Sprint as a modem on my Samsung netbook with XP. How do I accomplish this tas...

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palace man

I can't access my linksys router settings.


Hi. I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless modem. My DSL modem is a Westell 6100. I'm using Windows 7. I'm trying to change my security settings so I can us...

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How to block website


Hello, how do i block websites having specifick world like cricket, on internet explorer ,google chrome ,& mozilla firefox

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Configure ris server


Hello, i have 100 PC in my Lab. I want to Install OS in all system by using RIS. But i am facing many problem. So give me solution How t...

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Laptop won't connect to net via dlink router


Hello all, I have a wireless network established in my house with 3 latops accessing. Two of my laptops (IBM and HP) can access the internet with n...

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?connect 3 pc's via lan with hub and router?


Hi I connected 3 pc's to have internet with a hub and router. but how do I make them share files? I already have done the right click>sharing and secu...

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Mr. The Migg

Wireless not working


Hello, I have a 2002 Compaq laptop, with Windows XP. Recently it crashed, and once it was repaired, the built-in wireless didn't work. The wireles...

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Internet explorer problem..


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0 This is Ashok i am fasing one problem with my Internet Explorer ...

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Finding network security key for dlink


Hello, I have dlink router, I am connecting through wireless router since 1 year , now recently it is showing the settings saved on this computer for ...

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Printer sharing


Hello, i m ameer and i want to know that how can i shaare my printer with 4 computers? pls send me an answer.

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Having problems connecting to wireless net...


Hey there, So I have a PC with Windows XP. I'm currently using Google Chrome (not quite sure on the version). I recently had some infected files one m...

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How to connect 4 computer with switch ?


Hello, I am ravi pls any one solve my problem I have a brodband connection in one computer but I want to connect Lan in all computer such that INTE...

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Create lan connection


Hello, Please give me detailed instructions for creating a lan connection, thank you. Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 3.0.19

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Hello, my laptop,just been formatted,and the network controller or wireless system driver can't find them Configuration: Windows XP / Internet ...

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Another computer with the same ip address


Hello, I Was setting up my D-Link N Wireless router and when the install wizard was working I got a windows message that said that another computer on...

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Find port no


Hello, how to find a port number of the system, when the system is connect in a LAN network...

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I remove norton ,after that my internet does


Hello, I remove norton , after that my internet does not work .ihave vista

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Nokia 5130 airtel mobile office connection


Hello, i am using nokia 5130 xpress music i want to know how can i connect mobile office to pc i have nokia pc suit also help me my id is nair.r...

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Yasar jawaid

Adding new internet connection


Hello, i have installed a new windows xp 3 , in addition to windows xp sp2. now i have internet connection in the sp2 os.... but i dont have a i...

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Belkin admin password


Hello, I am having trouble with my router's administrator password. I'm using a Belkin F5D7234-4. I just bought the router, logged into the router ...

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How to unlock the ie on my pc ?


Hello, Windows Xp is working very well on my Acer pc model:emachines E725, that is connected with my office VPN server,Now my pc is locked by a tec...

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Youtube unable download remote file


Hello, im joseph .....i always use youtube downloader download videos from youtube...but now a days I can't download anymore cause it says.......

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Wireless router hardware is not detected


Hello, I am using a Compaq Q1895 and a Belkin Basic Wireless Router. My router was working fine until a few days ago when I began getting a messag...

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Rj45 to wireless receiver


Hello, My DirecTV receiver says the only way I can receive OnDemand content with my wireless network is to have an RJ45 cable plugged into a wireless...

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Linksys security key


Hello, I have a new laptop and want to add it to my network. I am unable to connect to network the message states that I have the wrong securtiy k...

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Wifi to livebox problem


Hello, can someone please help me.My friend is livebox connected and I want to link up using WiFi but my PC see's the livebox but is unable to connect...

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Wifi drivers problem in acer aspire 4710g


Hello, im have problem with my acer aspire 4710g wireless installing the driver for wireless internet but suddenly it says to insert t...

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Wifi device problem in acer aspire 4710g


Hello, i hv this acer aspire laptop unable to install the driver for its wi fi device (broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN)..........each...

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To know how to make lan connection


Hello, this is rahul.i m using an internet connection of a private company. company has provided connection on 1 single pc. now i wanted two more co...

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son of computer
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