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Increase wifi range


Hello, I have bsnl broadband internet connection and VMC wifi modem type 2. my wifi range is not much. while i am leave my computer lab, it's leav...

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Belkin never works


Hello, I have the belkin wifi box but it never works I tried to change everything in the connection page but it still doesn't work so I don't know wha...

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Can't connect to wireless network please help mee !!!


hii yesterday I bought a new laptop " toshiba satellite c55-a-10D " and I used windows 7 professional but I can't connect to wireless network and I ...

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One pc has strong signal, another very weak and cutting off


Hello, I'm a little bit frustrated since I struggle with that issue from weeks... I've got a laptop placed nearly in the same place where stationa...

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Wifi driver


i have hcl me smart series laptop, model no-L1054 and s.n-7121AE293285 I cant find its wifi driver for hcl website,so please help me

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Command and conquer generals zero hour lan connection timed out


Hello, im wondering how to fix a local network connection. I'm trying to connect two (2) computers together that are side by side with each other in t...

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New router, wifi full connection, no internet access.


Hello, I have a problem that when I try to connect to my new router that Comcast sent me it just says that its "identifying.." then it says its a "...

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Trouble with linksys router wrt54gs


Hello, I have a new Linksys router WRT54gs and a new Dell laptop. The router works well with the cable attached but when I go to wireless I ge...

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How to connect bluetooth device and dell insp


Hello, How to connect Bluetooth device in Dell Inspiron 1525? Before format the Bluetooth working normally. After format when I'm tiring to inst...

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Problem with linksys wrt120n


Hello, I'm using LINKSYS WRT120N router. It is connected to my DSL and Computer. I properly configured the router but it doesn't have internet but ...

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Connect mobile to wifi router using bluetooth


Hi all, was wondering, if I have a bluetooth handphone, will it be possible for me to connect to my lappy, to share the WiFi internet connection rathe...

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Wifi connection


can somebody please help. i have a windows8 ThinkPad T61 laptop, but i can not switch on and off my wifi. i have downloaded the wireless drivers for ...

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Skype works, can't browse web pages


Hello, I'm trying to set up a LAN connection to connect to Internet (RJ-45 cable coming from the wall :) ) and I've received a quick guide to set t...

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Router to router config (linksys wrt300n)


Hello, I had 2 Linksys WRT300n router, my problem is how to connect thoese 2 router to each other so that the Internet connection on Roater A will be ...

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Som Sopha MEGA internet

How to set password protect


Dear All, Do you know how to set password protect sub folder in network drive for someone who access the network drive? for example: I have network...

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Bsnl live & bsnl streaming settings


Hello, My name is Dattatray Varma.I want subscribe MY3GTV (MIMOBI TV) on my NOKIA C5 handset. I have send sms to 55447 for MY3GTV.As well as th...

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Cannot connect on livebox


Hi, I have a livebox at home which I want to connect to my computer but I cant do that I don't know why but my pc will detect a livebox in range...

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Vaio problem with wep wireless!!


Hi everyone. I have a serious problem with my old vaio. One week ago i reinstalled the windows xp (format). Now the laptop cannot connect to secured w...

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How do i find my wireless router password


Hello, i have an itouch and I cant get internet on it because I need the password to my wirless account, my cousin set it up and he doesnt know the ...

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Unable to access wireless connection


Not sure where to post this, so if in wrong spot please move it.I am trying to set up my HP laptop to netgear wireless. I did the set up, says I have...

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3g network not working nokia5800 express music


kindly I request to you that my mobile is nokia 5800 expressmusic set. This mobile doesn't accept 3G network in geosceei sim card what is...

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Sharing documents between two computers


Hello, I am having trouble connecting my laptop, which is a dell, and my pc, which is microsoft, together I want to be able to share documents in bet...

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Cannot browse, but have internet connection?


Hello all, Here's my situation: I have a HP Pavillion desktop with Vista and a wireless modem. I am connected to the internet, have all four gree...

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Which make crimping tool has to used for rj45 connector


Hello, suggest me which make crimping tool has to used for RJ45 connector crimping and also which make RJ45 CONNECTOR has to used kindly suggest me ...

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Getting wifi in my pc


Pl. inform how to have WiFi facility in my pc(windows xp)

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Using web browser page loads but screen blank


Hello, On my laptop, none of my web browsers are able to actually display any page on the internet. I will say the page is loaded, but the web brows...

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Lan connection between 5 computers


Hi Every one I have five computers with windows xp proffesional I want to set a small network. I want connect them each other by lan. Which type of ...

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No wi-fi connect after reinstalling windowxp


Hello, I reinstalled windows xp on my dell d 610 laptop. before that I was able to get on to the internet with no wireless card..I could pick up a...

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Wlan not showing as present and no wifi connection...


Hi Everyone, Following a new HDD & install of the OS my Dell 1525 is not showing wifi or bluetooth and is not letting me connect via wireless. I ha...

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Zohaib R

No internet but netgear router is connected


Hello, Have a Netgear DG834gV4 modem router. It works fine with my laptop but when connected to a friends machine web pages will not display. Have ...

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Deepak Nahariya, Salmon India

I wanna chat with my friend using ms dos


Hello, i wanna chat with my friend using ms dos. I found a program @echo off :A Cls echo MESSENGER set /p n=User: set /p m=Message: net send %...

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Iphone 4 orange livebox wifi problem


Recently purchased iphone 4. I set up home wifi connection with my orange router. WEP key entered, pressed back of livebox and iphone picked up connec...

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Wifi radio disabled of my laptop how turn on.


Hello, i have NEC versapro va11j laptop. problem is I have internal wireless lan card in my laptop. but icon in taskbar shows that radio disabled for...

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Always reverts to "work offline"


Hello, My Laptop has just been returned from repair. Connects to wifi but will not obtain internet, always reverts to FILE>work offline. The wi...

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I don't know what i should do


My computer is a toshiba and my laptop can't connect to wifi whatsoever. It won't connect to wifi that my computer can. When i do troubleshoot it says...

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Nic vs modem


Hello, I am curious what functions a network interface card can perform that a modem cannot

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Wireles capibility it's turn off


Hello, hello people please help if you can :) It doesn't work my wirelles. Driver is installed ok. It's writte that is working, but when I tried to c...

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Problem in sharing a folder on xp


Hello, i have two pc connected on lan both running on xp.i have provided all the required ip address correctly but when I try to share a file it says...

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Failed to establish a network


Hello, hi my name is sathish using aircel , internet is not connecting through my mobile nokia 5130 to pc ,i have installed pc suit , I have kept set...

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Enable wireless button hp compact computer


Hello, I Need Help With My Hp Compact Computer I Am Trying to figure out how do I enable my wireless button. Ive tried so much I need help please if s...

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Network and bandwidth


Hello, Is there somebody who knows how is it called when you are connected with 640Kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps...? Like ADSL? or what else?

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Limited or no connectivity problem!


Hey guys... I am using a toshiba laptop using vista.. which is connected wirelessly to a netgear router.. WGT264 . the roter is connected to the thoms...

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How 2 get ps3 wireless connection 2 internet?


Hello, i keep on trying to get wireless internet to my ps3. my bro. keeps on saying u have 2 have a wire but its wireless DUH!! how do I get wireless...

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Can't connect to my belkin n wireless router


Hello, Hello, my problem is that I can't connect to my Belkin N Wireless from my laptop. It was working yesterday, but in the evening it started lagg...

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Doesn't detect home wifi on iphone


Hello, My iPhone detects other wifi networks but doesn't detect mine. Work help desk said that my router does not send a signal for others to join ...

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Standard formats for straight & cross cables


Hello, sir..................i have assignment on what are the stnadard formates for straight and cross cables................cable ............can an...

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Mirza Hamza (CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCITP )

Limited connectivity but excellent signal?


Hello, so the other day I try to connect my laptop to my friend's router at her house and at first I couldn't get pass the passphrase part. her pa...

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Internet essential d3.0 ubee router unable to connect to website


Hello, guys I'm a newbie to this forum and I really need you guys help! I've been waiting for about one month for the comcast internet essential and ...

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Wifi through my lan network?


Hello, I saw a couple of videos on Youtube that told the ways in which one can use wifi simply by using a lan cable. Unfortunately I wasn't able t...

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See more files and folders on another network computer


If you have two machines that both are at least Windows Vista, follow these steps: 1. Connect the two computers so that they are seen on the networ...

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