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2 lan connection


Hello, I have win xp pro sp3 pc . now i have two lan card one is onbord and another I attach. Now my Pc is connect from server through ...

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Hp dv6000 wireless drivers


Hello, please send me all the drivers for wireless network for the notebook hp dv 6000 windows vista. thank youConfiguration: Windows Vista In...

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Wireless switch on a vaio vpceb46fx


Hello, My Vaio keeps telling me my wireless switch is turned off. I DID NOT TURN IT OFF. and I can't find the switch or an icon to turn it back on...

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An error occured, please try again later


Hello, everytime I try to play video at youtube, the same message appeared at the screen, 'an error occured, please try again later', so it's difficu...

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Protocols used in online chat


Hello, which networking protocol use in online chating .. ? plz tell me Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

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sanjay garer

How to reconfigure a router


Hello, Is there anyone who can help me. Our computer is connected through router. some of our websites takes too much time to open and also tak...

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How could i solve http 400 or 404 error?


Hello, I need to solve Http 400 or 404 error in order to open my inbox on the hotmail account. Thank you.

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Code 39 error on network cards due to virus


Hello, I wonder if someone could help me? I recently had some virus trouble on my PC, and for some reason now I cannot access the internet as all ...

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Netgear router


Hello, Could anyone tell me how to acces my user name and password for my router? DG834G,DEFAULT ACCESS:user name:admin,password:password. I tried t...

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How to set password on wifi network


Hi, i have bsnl broadband modem with wifi. i just want to convert my unsecured wifi connection into secure wifi connection I mean I just want to set...

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Getting wifi signal but can't access internet


Hello, i am using dell inspiron 14r until yesterday everything was good I was able to access internet but suddenly I am not able to get access.......

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Free gprs setting in n70


Hello, I want gprs setting in my nokia N70 phone in loop mobile. I just want to know the steps to set this free gprs setting in my loop mobil...

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How to share files on another computer ?


hey My computer and my laptop is connected on same network but my computer has Xp installed and laptop is vista.I want to share some files on the...

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Laptop internet not connecting wirelessly


Hello, I've had a problem for a couple of months my laptop xp compaq isn't connect to the internet It tells no connections in range or something o...

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Setting a share folder using wifi


I, I actually set up a small office at home with 4 laptop they are all connected to a cisto wifi modem router. I would like to create a co...

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Bsnl broadband wifi setup teracom modem


Hi, I have Windows Vista operating system for my home PC. I recently got the type II modem - the model is Teracom. While installing the wireless L...

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Connecting to sql


Hello, I have installed SQL Server 2005 and I can not connect to it , I dont know my server name and SQL Server show this error to me: TITLE: Conne...

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Bsnl teracom wifi modem configuration


Hello, We have installed BSNL teracom wifi modem from June last year, but unfotunately it has never worked. The computer detects the Modem but ...

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Connect desktop pc to my laptop for internet


Hello, I need help to connect my Desktop pc to my laptop, So I can use the wireless internet from my laptop get it on my desktop because it has no w...

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Can't connect to internet


I need help!!! I have my modem and router connected -- wireless -- for each of my 2 laptops. Both reflect "Excellent" strength in connections, howev...

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Unable to connect to my linksys wi-fi router


Hello, unable to connect my iphone via my linksys router

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How to change ip address from command prompt?


Hello, Is there any way to change IP address of the computer from Command prompt? I use WinXP as OS and I would like to know if I can change IP fro...

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Network controller is not working!!!!


________________________________________ Dear all Due to a virus problem, I have had to install windows (xp) on my laptop but in device manager un...

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How to connect two laptops using lan cable.


Hello, I want to connect two laptops using LAN cable. We want to play Counter strike multiplayer. Kindly explain full steps to perform.

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Create a lan games connection


Hello, How do I create a Lan connection so that we get to play lan games, thx. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.10

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How to use aircel gprs via pc


Hello,i got my new connection of aircel as it provides free gprs for one month at rs 98 only. I buied my new handset of Samsung E1410 and installed p...

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Windows 7 won't recognize xp pc in network


Hello, I had a Compaq computer running Windows XP - used a Linksys WRT54G, Version 2 to network with my laptop, also running XP - everything worked f...

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frustrated Win 7 user

How to turn wireless switch on dell ins 710


Hello, Intel wireless network card installed from the factory. It always say Make sure the wireless switch on your computer on. I tried push F2, it d...

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Cable lan between xp & 7


Hello, I Have Laptop With OS Windows 7. & Other Side My Brother Have Desktop With OS XP . I tried to much to make LAN (Home LAN ) But it's not suces...

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How to connect 2 systems using lan


Hello, How to connect two systems through LAN.......? I tried IP address eg.. subnetmask and 2nd system 192.168.0....

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Cannot connect to internet


Hello, I have an old Dell8400 that I recently cleaned up and restored to factory defaults to use as a spare computer. When i connect to the router...

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Not able to connect to internet by wireless


Hello, i am not able to connect to internet by wireless but I can connect through ethernet cable, I am having a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with vista ...

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How to connect win7 pc with winxp network


Dear All, Thanks before for your tech support. In our office we have 10 winxp pcs, workgroup as workgroup, tcp/ip is set to obtain ip address autom...

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Security key linksys e2000


Hello, Ihave 2 laptops on the router now. Trying to add a 3rd and I don't remember sec. key. Is it on the router? If I plug-in erthnet cable will th...

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Wireless is connected, but no access [solved]


Hello! This problem suddenly started yesterday when I turned on my laptop computer and I couldn't use the wireless internet. It used to work lik...

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Wi-fi tv wont connect to orange livebox


Hello, Bought a Panasonic tv with viera connection allowing inbuilt access to internet. Followed instructions to connect to livebox using WEP ENC...

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[solved]wireless works, internet not


Hello, I have been confronting this situation for a while: I've got a new ISP. Provider cable goes into router, router has another cable that connects...

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Reset network adapter?


Hello, I purchased a new Toshiba laptop a few months ago (it had Vista when I bought it but have upgraded to Windows 7) and have had no problems conne...

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Friendly Advise

My computer doesn't show my wireless card.


Hello, After doing a system reset on my computer, the wireless option has been turned off. The wireless card is not under Network adapters anymore...

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Internet connection settings


hi i am using samsung galaxy fit . i am using net properly on my cell but i am not able to connect with pc. i have installed internet connection manag...

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No internet?


Hello, Need help Please!!! I have a Windows Vista Compaq Prisario. The computer shows a connection but when try to access the Internet receive "I...

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Connected to network but not the internet?!


Hello, My Samsung laptop hasn't been able to connect to the internet via any other wireless networks since the computer help guy at the library I wo...

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Vpn remote access failure


Hello, Remote PC win 7 prof , unable to access via VPN to my home PC. Able to access via the same VPN from home, while the remote PC in use. For u...

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Not connected to the internet message appears


Hello, Using Mac OS 10.7- Satellite dish to modem to computer, no router. This problem is of recent origin. While working online I frequent...

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How to connect two laptops using lan cable?



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Enable radio signal for wifi with fn+f2 keys


Trying to enable WiFi signal by pressing Fn+F2 keys but nothing happens. Help! Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0

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Hoe to connect two computer with cable


Hello, my problame is how to connect 2 pc with only cable plz send config. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

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Lan game problem


Hello, I already connect my LAN connection but have error message 'invalid cd key'. Regards, Boy86

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Vpn performance issues


Hello, I have RoadRunner modem and old NetGear router. My PC will connect to internet wirelessly but not thru wire. I connected work PC with wi...

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Can't connect with wire


Hello, I seem to have the opposite problem. My pc connects wirelessly with no problem using cable modem and wrireless router. I was trying to tro...

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