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A network cable is unplugged


Hello, yesterday this message popped up and is annoying me! Anyway here is the situation, my laptop which is a mac that connects via airport connects ...

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Do not have a nic how can i connect to wifi


I do not have a NIC how can I connect to WIFI

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Connected to internet but can't browse


Hello, i was downloading a them for windows 7 after it finished the it download it wasnt what it was shown in the website it was something else that c...

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sad gamer

Lan setup


Hello, I am to setup a lan station with windows7 operating system, i notice that once an attempt is made the to remote workstation on the network, op...

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Active directory


Hello, How to add 5 pc in Active directory and how to give security Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 51.0.2704.106

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Tplink no internet


Hi, I don't know how weird this may sound but after setting up the modem, my laptop is the only with internet access through this router. Everythi...

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Wireless network


Hello, My Aspire Z5771 keyboard and mouse works however cannot operate wirelezs network. Any ideas? Mike Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 51.0.2704....

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Acer aspire can't connect to wifi


Hello, My driver is updated and wifi is on. I'm currently connected via usb tethering since all the other devices can connect to the router. Pleas...

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How do i configure my router


Hello, Hi guys this is preetham , I have a ADSL Router with 4 LAN ports and 1 internet port , the internet port is RJ11 port and the LAN ports are RJ...

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Default username and password


Hello, I know the default username and password admin but don't know WiFi password. Unable to open

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Hello, I'm trying to put a restored EDB in to a clean shutdown state (its currently saying its in a dirty shutdown state). However when I run the co...

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Phone windows 8.1 phone can't connect to usual home router


My phone suddenly can't conect to usual home router wifi is ok on and password also all other devices working on the same router,but from yesterday I ...

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Changing userid of wifi


Hello, ACT USER I am using dlink DIR816. I am not getting the userids of my wifi from yesterday(when the internet was not working for a few hours...

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D link wifi password change


Hello, i am using D link dir -803 router I want to change wifi password by using but I unable to connect the page. please give me a solu...

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Trouble with linksys wrt54g router


The only computer I have is a Dell Insprion E1505 laptop and it is connected to a "COMCAST" cable modem. Windows XP, not Vista is installed. I purchas...

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Wifi drivers


Hello, please solve my wifi drivers problems Configuration: Windows 7 / intrnet explorer

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Invalid facebook id but don't know my dob


HI! I am having problem with facebook. I have invalid e-mail ID. When I try to log in it needs to varify my account. It asked me the Date of Birth but...

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Need user name of computer using ip address


Hi, I have a MAC and I am trying to find the user name of a computer that was used to hack my Facebook. The IP address is Can I ...

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What is CCM all about please?

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My desktop suddenly says an ethernet cable is unplugged


Hi, So my wireless adapter is either dead or there is some other issue, It just randomly dropped connection and says that an ethernet cable is unpl...

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Laptop ethernet adapter stuck on last network every time.


I have laptop with Windows 8.1 and a "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller" Ethernet adapter. I use my laptop both at work and home. Each time i switch...

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Somone change my router password how can i fond out router passw


fHello, some one change my router password ho wcan I see my router password Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 48.0.2564.116

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Wifi internet setting problem


Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 18.0 how can solve the internet setting proplem

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Wireless capability can't turn it on


Hi, I have an HP 620 Notebook and I'm having problems with the wireless connection. The WiFi button is always amber. I have tried everything from ...

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Face book account disabeld


Hello, Hello, please help me.. my facebook account has been disabled.. i don't know why.. please help me.. Configuration: Windows 7 / C...

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Restoring project 2013 with only the sql server component


Hello, Hi, I'm in need of some urgent help please! We had a Project 2013 environment consisting of 2 servers - a SQL 2012 server and a Project 20...

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My wi-fi is only connecting to select devices


Hello, I have read earlier posts and done troubleshooting but my wifi is not getting connected on my laptop. The wifi is working on other devices ...

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Corrupt pdf files in received e-mail


I have a sbs2011 installation with exchange 2010. Also there is a sonicwall TZ210 with anti spam service enabled. No extra anti spam or AV software i...

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Wireless on toshiba satelite not working


It says wireless connection disabled, but the little light is on and I cannot seem to find out how to switch it on

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Internet connected web page unavailable


Hello, I am having an internet connection problem with my laptop. It is almost 5 weeks having this problem. I am connected to the internet and it...

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Wlan led green light isnt on in bsnl broadband


Hello, v have internet connection in our home through bsnl broad band,before we had connected to PC we usually found green led light on wlan....bu...

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Windows 7 dns problem


Hi I have windows 7 I had some problems so I restored it now I am unable to connect to Internet says dns problem. I wrote the ipaddress and dns manual...

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Connect laptop to modem with wifi.


Hello, there is a problem in connecting laptop to modem. laptop WiFi button is on. there is only LAN adapter setting in my laptop. how do i c...

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Wifi connections


Does every computer I want to use have to have a hardware or software WiFi connection? Is this connection inside the computer as software, or do I ...

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Phone network error


Hello, i have been using my phone for various activities in my research work but lately, it no longer works, the wifi is connected but it keeps tellin...

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Configure router wifi to share internet wifi


Dear All, I have just installed internet at home. When i connect my computer via network cable with modem,I can use internet as normally. But i wan...

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Unable to connect to wireless network


Hi guys and gals, A weird problem for you. Any ideas are more than welcome! I have 2 wireless networks - SSID1 and SSID2. I can connect to SS...

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Hello, Keeps asking me for my password. Configuration: Mac OS X (10.10.5) / Safari 9.0

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Internet drops when phone in use


Hello, I have a US manufactured phone and am using a UST0018 ADSL splitter to allow caller id function. Each time im use the phone, the internet w...

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Bsnl wifi connection with ramptel modem


Hello, Recently I purchased a BSNL authorized Ramptel modem online and configured it as per the instruction in the package. I have been able to se...

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Cannot see a printer on a windows xp home network


Cannot connect to a printer on a Windows XP PC to a Windows Vista Laptop. The Canon MP490 Series Printer is working connected to a USB on a Windows...

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Access to a web site just from my uni?


Hello, Configuration: Mac OS X (10.11.0) / Chrome 45.0.2454.101 Hello! I don't know if this is the right forum for this Today i figured out t...

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Help:my laptops 's bluetooth is not working


I use HP-15 Laptop which having windows 10 & 2GB NVIDA grphics and 4GB RAM. after updating windows 10 I faced brightness and many driver problem but I...

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How to connect to another computer via wifi


Hello, how can i connect to another computer and laptops drives by wifi Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 45.0.2454.85

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 Solved] from source, Thursday, Sep 17,2015 03:16:22 This showed up on my wireless router.. what is

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Formatted laptop


So I got that Asus F455LA-WX046H laptop for free, (It's not used it was just a sale thing that if you buy 2+ iPhone 6 you also get a laptop) Anyways,...

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Not able to get into router page


Hello, I am using teracom type 2 adsl router.cant able to access router page by entering ip address Where am i wrong Configurati...

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What is d-link default ip address?


Hello, What is D-link default IP Address? Please help!

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Sony vaio bluetooth problem


Hello, Ive search online and come up with no answers so please can you help me. My latop sony vaio ,model vpceb23fm, OS: windows 7 home premium 64...

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I lost the cd of my usb wifi adapter


Hello, I lost the cd driver of my USb wireless adapter the problem is there is no particular brand so I'll just give this link instead

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