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  • Auto notify or mail when excel sheet is updated. Closed

    Hello, I found this code on the site, however I am trying to get it to launch Lotus Notes instead of Outlook. Any help would be appreciated. ...

    darkxerxes | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 23, 2013
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  • the skills for software Closed

    I want to learn more please

    trakt03 | Office Software | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 20, 2013
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  • Formula Closed

    Can someone please help me? I have a column with the letter H and I would like to add a value to the H so that I can sum the colum in the last row. i....

    ladyhawk1956 | Excel | Latest reply: Kevin@Radstock Sep 19, 2013
    1 reply
  • Excel formula to count cell colour and display sum in another Closed

    I have had a look through the other questions and responses, but they don't really help. Using Office 2010, I would like to apply a formula to a range...

    markrichardsnz | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 19, 2013
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  • due date reminder in excel 07 Solved/Closed

    Hello, dear all. I have a "credit list" worksheet having the details like. 1) date 2) invoice number 3) name of beneficiary 4) total amount 5)paid c...

    suryam | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 18, 2013
    4 replies
  • if/then relating to a legend Closed

    This must be easier than I'm thinking it. I have a set of data I collect every month that I drop into an excel. It's in a list. I take that list an...

    katskratch | Excel | Latest reply: Mazzaropi Sep 17, 2013
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  • how copy a particular text from one column of sheet to another Closed

    Hello, how to copy a particular text from one column of sheet to another sheet. For example i have a text in cells of a column in sheet1 i a...

    gvgbabu | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 17, 2013
    8 replies
  • how to sort using vba Closed

    Hello, i have a table with 1 230 450 1 301 2 230 450 2 340 7 230 450 7 350 65 230 450 301 501 67 230 450 340 502 71 230 450 350 546 129 2...

    gvgbabu | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 17, 2013
    3 replies
  • date formatting Closed


    bhavana28 | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 16, 2013
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  • ms excel, lookup word from a cell Solved/Closed

    A B C 1 C287198 MARIQ BLDG MATERIAL TRDG C287785 C287785 2 C2...

    Muniz Reza | Excel | Latest reply: Mazzaropi Sep 14, 2013
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  • Excel Formula Solved/Closed

    I have a blank excel invoice that I want to be able to type the Item number on it and have it populate the vital information on it like the item name,...

    sephiek | Excel | Latest reply: sephiek Sep 13, 2013
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  • we loop-up Closed

    How to operate we loop-up programme in excel file

    spmahawar | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 13, 2013
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  • Need Help Please: Excel Click Timer to time each Work/Task Solved/Closed

    Hi Excel Pros, This is my first time to join the excel forums and have seen how helpful you guys are here. I need to come up with a visual basic...

    jsioson | Excel | Latest reply: jsioson Sep 11, 2013
    4 replies
  • pdf Closed

    how to convert word to pdf

    nondumiso360 | PDF | Latest reply: Mazzaropi Sep 11, 2013
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  • Excel Closed

    Hi i need help, i have 2 cells with data in it, for example A1 = AX14587Z4 and E1 = AX14587Z3, i want to compare (match) these to cells to see of the ...

    Mariaan3Bester | Excel | Latest reply: Mazzaropi Sep 11, 2013
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  • How to extract data from one excel file to another Closed

    How do I extract data from one excel file to create a report in another excel file template? The input file has various data fields. I need to extr...

    zamorin | Excel | Latest reply: zamorin Sep 11, 2013
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  • If Function Closed

    What is the formula to get a return value of Y in column x, by looking at the data in columns a,b,c,d,e,f,g to see if they indicate y.

    hjmarshall | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 10, 2013
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  • Need to move 2 columns from Excel to notepad Closed

    I'm in need of some help here. I have an Excel (actually Open Office) spreadsheet with two columns, A and B. There are 500 rows (sets of data). Not su...

    loggerdon | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 10, 2013
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  • IF x then VLookup and sum, IF Y then VLookup and sum Closed

    Hi guys, This is my first post here so I hope I'm doing it right and that someone might help me out. I'm working on a spreadsheet where I inser...

    Unnefable | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 10, 2013
    1 reply
  • Conditional Formatting Closed

    I have list of numbers like 4J0249 4HE304 44S305 406305 4B9308 4KI308 here 3 is the last digit of the year and 04 is the week of the year ...

    gupanjali | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 10, 2013
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  • how to auto generate excell sheets based on set of values? Closed

    HI, I have a sheet with one set of values as height, width and quantity which work on formula. I have 10 set of values, but now i am copy pasting ...

    beginer7 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 10, 2013
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  • Condintional Formatting for Dates Closed

    I am working on a spreedsheet to track mulitple people and the dates they signed a wavier. Everyone has different dates they signed. I would like to...

    GoBlue | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 9, 2013
    7 replies
  • converting numbers into words Closed

    Please advice that how can i convert numbers into words. Please send solved formula and its related tips.

    Ghulam Dastagir | Excel | Latest reply: BunoCS Sep 9, 2013
    1 reply
  • Link between Workbooks Closed

    New to the forum, hope someone can help! Let me know if I need to clarify my question and thanks in advance. When using formulas to link one workb...

    drewd4 | Excel | Latest reply: Sixthsense Sep 7, 2013
    1 reply
  • Run a Macro when value is... Closed

    Hello! I have been trying to run a Macro within a worksheet. Running the macro depends on the value of a cell, it can be 6 or 4 (Changes depending on ...

    cprevoisin | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 6, 2013
    5 replies
  • error ox800ccc79 Solved/Closed

    Hello, This is driving me nuts... I can recieve mail but not send please help Outlook Express Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Exp...

    kim357 | Outlook | Latest reply: jezza Sep 6, 2013
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  • date and text functions Closed

    Hi, I am trying to find a function which will return the following: If the cell date falls in the previous month of the today date cell and matc...

    mannyalley | Excel | Latest reply: mannyalley Sep 6, 2013
    3 replies
  • Code for the below scenario - excel vba Closed

    Good Morning/Evening , I need help in coding the below scenario. I have to code in excel vba and have requirement to look for 2 rows . 1st row ha...

    jhakas | Excel | Latest reply: jhakas Sep 6, 2013
    9 replies
  • copy complete sheet in excel with condition of a word Closed

    i want to copy a complete sheet in excel, but only the data with specific word in one of the columns. for example : number name rate 1 dan 90 2 d...

    shugi100 | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 6, 2013
    1 reply
  • Copy multiple charts to multiple worksheets Solved/Closed

    Hi I have a challenge for which I cannot correctly conceptualize a workable solution so I am hoping someone here can share their thoughts on it. ...

    ibtrini | Excel | Latest reply: ibtrini Sep 5, 2013
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  • How to increment numbers automatically in excel using macro Closed

    Hi, I have a column A1 which has values like Tc001 and B1 and Tc002 > I just want to increment only the numbers. How can i achieve it using macros? ...

    Bhavanim | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 5, 2013
    4 replies
  • macro to email a list of transaction in form of statement Closed

    Hi Excel Pros, I'm only a rookie when it comes to VBA excel - I have been pulling customer data via an sql link into a spreadsheet - the data for...

    jav_me | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 5, 2013
    1 reply
  • Array lookup Closed

    Hello, I was wondring if there was a formula to do this in excel. I have the data in two columns, col a and col b What I want excel to check first i...

    Murtuza | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 4, 2013
    1 reply
  • Excel Macro: Rename all Worksheets Solved/Closed

    So, I'm trying to figure out a way to rename all the worksheets in a workbook. the first worksheet would be "1" (without the quotation marks) and c...

    Bobo | Excel | Latest reply: ansvk1 Sep 4, 2013
    7 replies
  • Excel macro error Closed

    I recently tried this macro to make a cell in excel blink but it gives me an error. Our of range error 9 This is the macro Dim NextTime As Date ...

    bigmac99 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 3, 2013
    4 replies
  • time formulla use in excell Closed

    i use excell 2007 i want to use time formula in excel example for timeshit i enterd my company 7:00 am and i exit my company 23:00pm its autmatic ca...

    satishbavarva | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 3, 2013
    1 reply
  • formula to show a value in a cell if another cell has a value Closed

    Hi ............ Sheet 1 - shows a value of "Y" in A5 Sheet 1 - shows a date value in A1 Sheet 2 - A1 destination cell "Sheet 2 A1" needs to sh...

    johndeliu | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 2, 2013
    4 replies
  • Changing the format of a cell based on another cell with text Closed

    Hi There. I've spent about 4 hours trying to work out the formula or what I'm doing wrong to no avail, please help me before I lose my mind. I need ...

    Tam4217 | Excel | Latest reply: Kevin@Radstock Sep 1, 2013
    1 reply
  • How to get Numeric value in to Text? Closed

    Example: In Excel sheet Cell A1 has 125 numeric value. So I want to convert this into Cell B2 as One Two Five. PLease give the solution/form...

    patildarshan27 | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Aug 31, 2013
    1 reply
  • window software Closed

    how to install window software on my windows7 basic

    simmad | PowerPoint | Latest reply: BunoCS Aug 29, 2013
    1 reply
  • Excel Formula output text which includes date Closed

    Hello, My problem is that I would like the cells that are included in my text to return in the format of a date. =IF([cell]="","",""&[cell]&" - ...

    DJack | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Aug 27, 2013
    9 replies
  • Excel Macros Closed

    Hi, I need a code for checking 2 columns with another set of two columns and display the corresponding 3rd column. Let me put in example. column...

    sreenivasulu | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Aug 26, 2013
    1 reply
  • V lookup Closed

    Hai am joseph ,Please send how to use Vlookup formulas in excel, Your website is very useful for me & this is excellent .

    josejeyanthi | Excel | Latest reply: RWomanizer Aug 26, 2013
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  • microsoft publisher - product key Closed

    Hi I just downloaded Microsoft Publisher and now I need the Product Key to open it. What do I do?

  • Kies -- step one Closed

    I'm pretty dumb, never used Kies before except on initial installation to get my Samsun SII up and running. I have Outlook and I bought CompanionLink...

    chucksearcy | Outlook | Latest reply: BunoCS Aug 23, 2013
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  • Excel Macro help, hiding columns Solved/Closed

    So I'm trying to figure out an Excel macro that would hide row A-K on every worksheet in a workbook. Thanks for any help

    Jason | Excel | Latest reply: Usama Aug 22, 2013
    3 replies
  • Macro to Export systematically to master spreadsheet Closed

    Hi Guys, I'm quite new to excel macros, a little help would be much appreciated! I am stuck on this problem: every quarter we receive an excel fil...

    eol2702 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Aug 22, 2013
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  • need full row if coulam has figures Closed

    Can anyone help me plz . I need full row Seprately in second sheet if coulam has figures in cells

    SANDEEPJAING | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Aug 22, 2013
    1 reply
  • my outlook 2007 gmail working for mail send and received but not Closed

    Hi, my outlook 2007 gmail working for mail send and received but not get my previous send items in outlook2007. kindly provide solution Thanks

    manjab.itl | Outlook | Latest reply: Zohaib R Aug 22, 2013
    1 reply
  • Excel IF formula Closed

    Haven't used Excel in quite some time so this is pretty beginner. I just want to make a formula that turns a cell a different color based on the date...

    Bran82 | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 21, 2013
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