Online escape game: free, without flash, with friends

Online escape game: free, without flash, with friends

Escape games are adventure games that require skill, strategy, problem-solving and quick thinking in order to escape from a confined space on time. Each game has a different background story and the player who is locked or trapped in a room must solve a series of riddles and challenges to escape. If you love the real thing and now want to test out virtual escape rooms, here's a selection of online classics to the latest apps and even the best sites to find your favorite escape games.

The Mystery of Time and Space

The Eternal Classic

You wake up in a room with very little information about your identity or how you got there. The door is locked and you must use different items found in the room, to help you escape. As the game progresses, you unlock further rooms and maybe realize that a plot is starting to emerge, connected to the mystery of space and time. MOTAS created in 2001, is the original escape room game, on which generations of games have been modeled. The original full game is complete with 20 levels, each level with its own unique music.

You can enjoy hours of fun with MOTAS here

Virus Threat Escape Game

For a dose of reality

In the Virus Threat Escape game, a boy is sick with a dangerous virus and desperately needs a vaccine to live. Unfortunately, the hospital he is in doesn’t have the right medicine and it is up to you, the player, to find the vaccine and cure the boy. Another point-and-click escape game developed by Wow Escape, Virus Escape Game is eerily similar to the scenario we find ourselves in today with the Covid-19 outbreak, but it will provide some mental escape and guaranteed hours of fun.

Play it here

The Submachine Series

The Cult favorites

Regularly appearing on best-of lists, we couldn’t leave out the Submachine Series. The series consists of 13 games with each one made up of labyrinths of connected rooms and areas for you to navigate and escape from. The games include diverse scenarios some of which include padded cell rooms, an abandoned lighthouse, a creepy temple, a laboratory, and more. The Submachine Series provides a challenge that keeps you on your toes from start to finish.

A cult favorite, find out why for yourself here

Try Baby Yaga

To escape reality

For an escape from everyday scenarios and real life, try the fantasy-filled Baby Yaga. You find yourself trapped in a witches' hut and need to use magic spells and potions to escape. This game provides a welcome fairy-tale reprieve from the darker scenarios more typical of this gaming genre. The witch even makes a few appearances flying around on her broomstick!

Try it out here.

What are the best escape game apps?

Room Escape: 50 rooms 1

Room Escape: 50 rooms 1 is actually the first in this series of escape game apps. It is a classic escape game with great graphics and a huge choice of rooms to choose from each with a different style. Some room themes include murder scenes, creepy caves, some sci-fi, and even kids' rooms, all accompanied by an excellent soundtrack. This puzzle game relies on logical problem solving so the player needs to observe and calculate before escaping.

50 rooms escape game
© 50 rooms escape game

Enjoy hours of fun on Room Escape for Android and iOS

Escape room: mystery word for puzzle lovers

This Escape game relies heavily on puzzle-solving ability and you need to type the correct word to win and advance in the game. The rules are simple and all levels are free. Locked up in a room you need to observe, think, analyze and use your puzzle experience to get out. There are over 240 levels, no time limit and you can play offline!

Download it for free for Android and iOS

NOX Mystery: for mystery and intrigue

Intriguing, mysterious, and full of surprises, Nox Mystery transports you to a creepy manor where puzzle solving and many secrets await. With a strong storyline and great graphics, the award-winning NOX is truly a must for escape game lovers. You’ll need your detective hat on as you explore the manor and discover mysterious rooms where your investigative skills will be put to the test with dark secrets and hidden 3D objects lurking all around.

There are hours of fun to be had on NOX Mystery so download it for free on Android and iOS.

What are the best sites for online escape games?

Of course, there are hundreds of escape games out there and this list features just some of our favorites so if you want to discover more, here are some sites to explore:

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