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Skype Won't Recognize My Microphone

May 2016

This article will walk you through some possible solutions you can implement to solve any microphone issues while using Skype.

Skype Microphone Not Working

There are two different ways that you can make adjustments to your Skype audio input: via the control panel and in the application.

Adjust Skype Sound in the Control Panel

Head to the Control Panel and click on Sounds and Audio Devices.

Go to the Playback tab, and check that nothing is currently set to mute.

Under the Recording tab, verify that microphone is checked.

Adjust Skype Sound in the Application

Open Skype and head to Tools > Options > Audio Settings > Microphone.

Then select Microsoft default device and uncheck the Automatically adjust audio settings option:

Update Computer Sound Card Drivers

If Skype still does not recognize your microphone, the problem may be due to the sound card. In this case, you should check the brand and model of sound card and also download the latest drivers.

It may also be useful to go to the manufacturer's website (HP, Dell...) and try to download the latest audio drivers.

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