How To Confirm Your Facebook Email Address

October 2017

In order to complete the sign-up procedure for Facebook, you are required to confirm the email address given to create your account. Facebook completes this verification by sending a link to your email address, which you can follow to confirm your sign-up. If you have not yet received this confirmation email, here are a few ways to confirm you email address on the social media platform.

Confirm Email Address on Facebook

Before reaching out to Facebook directly, we highly recommend that you check your spam folder or filter. It is likely that this auto-generated email may have been blocked by your internet service provider.

If the confirmation email is not in your spam folder, verify that you're attempting to log in from the exact email address with which you registered. One common error is accidentally registering with an incorrect email domain (e.g. is not the same as Also keep in mind that email addresses never begin with a www. prefix.

If, after verification, you find that you did not receive your email confirmation, you can fill out Facebook's email confirmation forum to attain access to your account.

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