Create a Facebook group: for business, organization, or page

Create a Facebook group: for business, organization, or page

Generally, companies and organizations choose to create a Page when they want to be present on Facebook. But the creation of a group has several advantages too.

Group and page: definitions

Companies have two ways to be present on Facebook: Groups or Pages.
Generally they choose create pages.

  • A Facebook page is a space dedicated to a brand, a company or institution. Facebook members can "like" the page, publications made on the page are published on their newsfeed and they can interact with the brand. Most of the time a page is public!
  • A group is created by an administrator. It brings together people sharing a common interest. Depending on the desired level of confidentiality, the group may be secret (invisible to others), Private (visible but with private exchanges) or public (visible and public exchange).

What is the difference?

  • Page - public exchanges

A brand will bring together its community on a Facebook page. Photographs, contact information, information about the brand or company is showcased on the page.
The greatest challenge is to create a community around the brand, which is not always obvious.

  • Group: promoting thematic exchanges

A group doesn't seek to make a brand or company popular on Facebook. Instead it aims to facilitate exchanges between members and circulate ideas.

What to choose between a group or a page?

You can create a page if you wish to:

  • Develop the formal image (of a company, brand or institution).
  • Increase the visibility of a brand, company or institution.
  • Communicate openly.
  • Bring together a community.

You can create a group if you wish to:

  • Facilitate exchange around a theme or a community of interest.
  • Create a buzz around a specific topic.
  • Break the geographical barriers when working on a common project.

How to create a Facebook group?

  • Click on the "Groups" section in the main menu under your profile picture.
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  • Click on the "Create a Group" on the left column.
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  • Privacy options can be managed through the "Privacy" tab.

As an administrator, you can:

  • Appoint other administrators.
  • Restrict or open the right to publish or invite other members to join the group.
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