Could not communicate with your Google Home Mini error: fix

Could not communicate with your Google Home Mini error: fix

Have you ever seen the "Could not communicate with your Google Home Mini" error message on your Google Home app? Well, it's quite a common issue, and it is easy to fix. Read our article to find out how to fix this bug and continue enjoying your Google Mini.

What are the causes of "Could not communicate with your Google Home Mini" error?

There are many aspects that can cause bugs and errors in Google Home Mini connectivity. From Bluetooth and WiFi issues to outdated operating systems and hardware problems. If Google Home Mini works well but can't hear you, check if the microphone switch is on (it is located on the side of the speaker).

How to fix the "Could not communicate with your Google Home Mini" error

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Google Home app. It might seem obvious, but still, it's only this app that allows you to use the Google Home device. You need to connect your Google Home compatible devices with the app. You can download it here for iOS and here for Android.
  • Check your WiFi connection. Your Google Home Mini and your smart device with the Google Home app have to be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Check if your Bluetooth is switched on and that your Google Home Mini and a device with the Google Home app are connected via Bluetooth as well.
  • Update your iOS or Android OS. Your iOS device should be running iOS 12.0 or later, and your Android has to have Android 6.0 or later. It's crucial to update your devices to the latest version so they function properly.
  • Move your Google Home Mini closer to the router and see if that helps.
  • Update the Google Home app on your mobile device or your tablet if needed to get the best compatibility.
  • Only use the power supply that came with your Google Home Mini, otherwise there might be problems with charging and connectivity.
  • Try to unplug and plug your internet router to reset all the previous connections and fix the ongoing problems.

  • In the Google Home app forget the current WiFi network and reconnect to it again. Go to Settings > Device Information > Wi-Fi > Forget this network. Wait for a few seconds and reconnect it. 

  • Try to factory reset your Google Home Mini. To do so, press the button next to the power cable for 15 seconds. You will hear a specific sound indicating that the factory reset is on. Then, set it up once again.

  • Enable the 2.4 GHz band option if you have a dual-band router.

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