PowerPoint - Exporting PPT to PDF with hyperlinks

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A Powerpoint presentation or PPT document can be converted to PDF using the OpenOffice Impress application software.With the OpenOffice software, the links in the PPT file are saved during the conversion process. There is no loss of data when using OpenOffice to export a PPT file in PDF with hyperlinks. OpenOffice is free and can be downloaded to a computer system from the OpenOffice website. Once it has been installed on the system, the PPT file to be converted has to be opened and exported in PDF format with OpenOffice. It is a simple process to export PPT in PDF with hyperlinks when using office software such as OpenOffice.

Here's how to export a PowerPoint file to PDF while keeping all the clickable links:
  • 1.Start OpenOffice Impress
  • 2.Open your .ppt or .pps file
  • 3.Go to File > Export as PDF

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