Keeping different versions of a Word document in the same file

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People want to get all types of applications in a single Word document. The concept of versioning would be quite easy to explain. Through this system a single file would house all the different Word document versions. Extracting the versions is possible through versioning. To start the process, the user must go to file and choose versions. To save the Word document it would be essential to click the option save now. The user must use save as a command in a Word document to keep the versions.

Microsoft Word calls this operation "versioning".

The principle is very simple: one file will contain all the versions and will increase the file size. You can also extract any version and save it as a separate file/document.

To use the version options:

1. Choose "Versions" from the File menu
2. Click the "Save Now" button to save the current state of the document
3. To keep a particular version use the Save As command on the File menu

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