Switching to Upper/lower case

It may happen that you need to change the case of your text, e.g switch from a text written in uppercase to lowercase and vice-versa, all without having to retype the entire text.

Here are some simple solutions:

Microsoft Word

Using the keyboard shortcut Shift + F3 (simultaneously pressing the two keys):
  • If the selected text is written in lower case, pressing these keys, the first time, the first letter of the text in uppercase. A second press and all the text will be converted to uppercase.

OpenOffice.org Writer

  • Select the text to edit, click the "Format" menu and select "Change Case". Simply choose your options.

There are functions UPPER(), LOWER () and PROPER (), that can be used for this purpose.

Firefox and Thunderbird

You can use the Leet-Key add-on , it is compatible with several versions of Firefox or Thunderbird.
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