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April 2018


I am currently writing a lengthy document and want to add my name as a watermark to some pages and another name to others. But the problem is if I apply my name as watermark, it marks it on all pages and I do not want, I just want to apply to some pages. Is that possible with Microsoft Office 2010?


A watermark object (picture or text) is
anchored in the Header area.

You can use different watermarks on different pages:
  • Make sure that you use section breaks to separate the sets of pages that require differing Watermarks (including sections with NO watermark).
    • For this go Page layout ----Page setup ---- Break ---- Section Break
  • Insert the Watermark you would like for any section
    • initially it will be the same throughout the document.
  • Double-click, and modify, the Headers so that each section does NOT have 'Same as previous'.
  • Move to the (in your case) first section, double-click its Header - you will now be able to 'select' the watermark with a single (Left-)click.
  • Right Click the Watermark, choose 'Edit text, and modify the Watermark for that section.
  • Repeat for the other sections until you have whatever Watermark you want (including NO Watermark) in each section.

Thanks to RWomanizer for this tip.
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