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How to Activate Internet Booster Pack On Your Vodafone India Postpaid

What if you consume your 3G Internet data two or three weeks before the monthly billing date? Here is an easy way to activate a booster pack on your phone number if you are using Vodafone service in India.

The cellular company charges extra amount of the pack and it gets included in your monthly bill. Make sure you consume this data before the billing date as the company does not provide the "carry-forward" facility to the consumers - which means if your postpaid account is left with 300 MB on the billing date, it will not be credited into next month's postpaid account.

Steps to Activate Internet Booster Pack on Vodafone India Postpaid

In order to activate the Internet booster pack on Vodafone India postpaid, you have to open your message box and type ACT AB1GB. Then, forward it to 111 number.

The above message is for activating the 1 GB booster pack but if you want to choose a different data pack, you just have to change the text of the message you sent to the Vodafone.

For 300 MB booster pack, type ACT AB300MB and for 2 GB pack, type ACT AB2GB and send it on the same number.

It takes less than 30 minutes to activate the pack. So if you are doing a Skype call at 2 in the night and end-up consuming your 3G data, you just need few minutes to resume the chat with your friends and family members.

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