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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts to help people with their daily and repetitive tasks. Keyboard shortcuts can help you boost your productivity and become more efficient at using your computer. Some of the "must know" Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts include the ability to trigger voice searches with Cortana, create and manage virtual desktops, and access specific features. It's really easy as long as you know the right key combinations.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

[Windows Key] + [A]: Activate Action Center.
[Windows Key] + [C]: Trigger a voice search with Cortana.
[Windows Key] + [S]: Trigger a classic search with Cortana.
[Windows Key] + [D]: Show desktop.
[Windows Key] + [,]: Peek at desktop.
[Windows Key] + [E]: Open File Explorer.
[Windows Key] + [I]: Open Windows 10 Settings.
[Windows Key] + [K]: Connect to wireless audio device or display.
[Windows Key] + [H]: Display the Sharing options (right-pane).
[Windows Key] + [L]: Lock your current session.
[Windows Key] + [P]: Project a screen.
[Windows Key] + [R]: Open the Run command.
[Windows Key] + [X]: Open the Power User menu.
[Windows Key] + Arrow keys ([Left], [Right], [Up] or [Down]): Snap app window at the corner of your screen.

Virtual Desktop Management Keyboard Shortcuts

[Windows Key] + [Tab]: Open Task View.
[Windows Key] + [Ctrl]+ [D]: Create a new virtual desktop.
[Windows Key] + [Ctrl] + [F4]: Close a virtual desktop.
[Windows Key] + [Ctrl] + Arrow keys ([Left] or [Right]): Switch between virtual desktops.
[Windows Key] + [Shift] + Arrow keys ([Left] or [Right]): Move apps from one virtual desktop to another.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Snap Assist

Use the [Windows] + Cursor keys ([Up], [Down], [Left] or [Right]) to reposition snapped windows.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Xbox App

Use these shortcuts to control the Game DVR feature of the Xbox app:

[Windows Key] + [G]: Open the Game bar.
[Windows Key] + [Alt] + [G]: Record current app screen.
[Windows Key] + [Alt] + [R]: Start/Stop Recording.
[Windows Key] + [Alt] + [Print Screen]: Take screenshots.
[Windows Key] + [Alt] + [T]: Show/hide recording timer.
[Windows Key] + [Alt] + [M]: Enable/disable audio recording (microphone).

Click keyboard shortcuts to discover the full list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10.
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