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How To Create a Video Mashup in YouTube

YouTube's Video Editor is a video editing tool built into the streaming platform. Not only does it allow users to edit videos once they have been uploaded to YouTube, but it also allows them to combine their personal videos and photos into new videos. Below are the instructions on how to create a video mashup on YouTube.

How To Access the YouTube Video Editor

Sign in to YouTube and head to the Creator Studio > Create > Video Editor:

Create a New Video Project

The first step will be to choose a project name, which is also the video's title. Edit the Project field to your liking:

Search for Videos, Photos, and Audio on YouTube

There are several tools at your disposal to help you search for content on YouTube. Here's a quick overview of these tools:

- The Video tab will allow you to search for your own videos on YouTube:

- The CC tab will allow you to search for videos that fall under the Creative Commons license:

- The Photo tab will allow you to search for photos stored on your Google Account (Google+, Google Drive, YouTube...):

- The Audio tab will allow you to search for audio tracks (background music):

Add Video Clips, Photos, and Audio to the Mashup

Adding photos/videos to the video project is as easy as dragging them to the video timeline:

You can combine up to 50 video clips and 500 images for each of your video mashups.

The second timeline will only accept audio files:

Edit Your Video Clips

Each of the video clips/photos can be edited individually. You can, for example, trim unwanted sections, adjust the contrast and brightness, lower the volume, add text, or apply a specific video filter to any of your video clips. Click on the desired video clip (in your timeline) to switch to the Edit Mode:

Once done, click on an empty area of your timeline to exit the Edit Mode.

Add Transition Effects

Applying transitions effects is as easy as dragging the desired transition to your timeline (in-between two videos). Click on the Transitions tab and select the desired transition effect:

Save and Publish Your Video Project

Once everything is set up correctly, click on the blue Create video button displayed at the top right corner of your screen to finalise the video.
Photo: Unsplash


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