How To Download Your Facebook Data

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Facebook is responding to scrutiny over security concerns by offering a new and easy way to download your information from Facebook. This article provides guidance to accessing and download your dataing via a computer or a mobile phone.

How To Access Your Facebook Data

To access and download your Facebook data, go to the Facebook website. Next, log in and click the small downward pointing triangle in the upper right corner of the screen. In the menu that opens, select Settings:

At the bottom of the screen, select the link Download a copy of your Facebook data:

Enter your Facebook Password, and click Submit. Then, in the window that opens, click Start My Archive:

Your data will then be downloaded and sent to your registered email address:

If you repeat this step to access your latest data, after selecting Download Archive and entering your password, the file will be automatically downloaded to your device:

How To Download Facebook Data on Mobile

To download your data from your Android, iPhone, or other mobile device, open your preferred internet browser and go to the Facebook website. By default, Facebook will open to the mobile version, however, you must access the desktop version to download your Facebook data. Go to the navigation bar and replace the m. with www. to open the desktop version:

Next, follow the same instructions as noted above. Click the small downward pointing triangle in the upper right hand of the screen, and then, select Settings. Select Start My Archive. Then, enter your Facebook Password, and click Submit to download your data.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account

If, after this, you wish to delete your Facebook account, you have two options: temporary deactivation and permanent deletion. For more details, read our article on the subject.

Image: © Facebook.
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