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Free Spell Checkers

Spell checkers exist on several mediums, either integrated in a word processor or online. (You should note that online spell checkers are generally less trustworthy than those directly available via word processing software.) Continue reading to discover the many different types of spell checkers that you can use to perfect your written work.

Spell Checkers Integrated in Word Processors

Spell checkers that are integrated in word processors generally correct your text as soon as it appears on the page, with the faulty word or phrase being underlined in red. By right-clicking on the offending word or phrase, you can see the word processor's suggestions for how to correct the mistake:

You can also choose to ignore the mistake if you intended to spell the word in such a way that is not recognized by the program's dictionary. If you plan to repeatedly use this spelling, you can also add it to the program's dictionary.

Free Online Word Processors

Online word processors are usually a pretty good option if you don't have access to an integrated spell checker via your word processor. They generally incorporate checks of spelling and grammatical errors.


The well-known translator and dictionary Reverso also includes an online spell checker. It allows you to enter your text and, then, proposes all of the changes to it that it finds necessary. You can also choose to look up the words that it has inserted as well as find synonyms of the new word.

Go here to use the Reverso spell checker.


If you use Google Chrome, you can download the Grammarly browser extension. This extension allows you to spell check all of your text online, including messages, documents, and social media posts across Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly anywhere else on the web.

Go here to download the Grammarly spell checker to Chrome.


The SpellBoy spell checker is a conventional program that allows you to locate any spelling mistakes in your text. If you don't agree with its suggestions, you can choose to ignore them in order to keep your original word or phrase. It also provides you with audio of how to pronounce the word or phrase that it has proposed in your text.

Go here to use the Spellboy spell checker.


JSpell is an online spell checker that can verify English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and US English medical texts. The webpage is also SSL encrypted, which means that your text is protected online as you check it.

Go here to use the JSpell spell checker.


GrammarCheck is a spell checker that uses a color code to identify its proposed changes to your spelling errors, style choices, or grammar. You can click each suggestion to see other propositions by GrammarCheck and choose one of them, instead.

Go here to use the GrammarCheck spell checker.

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