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The Best Spelling and Grammar Checking Apps

Sometimes, when you write in a foreign language or even in your mother tongue, you can make small mistakes. If you are writing an official letter, an article that is going to be published, or a scientific report, some typos can be embarrassing. To be sure that your text is flawless you can use a spelling and grammar checker app.

What is a Spell Checker

Basic spell checkers are typically integrated into all word processors. They correct your text automatically as soon as it appears on the page, with a faulty word or the phrase being underlined in red. By right-clicking on the offending word or phrase, you can see the word processor's suggestions for how to correct the mistake. However, if you need a more profound check and proofreading, you should consider using one of the following apps.


One of the most popular apps for grammar and spelling check is Grammarly. This writing assistant has a free Google Chrome extension, that you can download and add to your Chrome browser to automatically check everything you write in your emails, Google documents and social networks. The good news is that it also suggests synonyms, right punctuation and even predicts the end of your phrase. It also has a Premium plan for $11.66 a month and Business plan for $12.50 a month. Both provide advanced writing features, such as wider vocabulary, plagiarism check, tone of voice, better readability and a more fluent word choice.

You can download Grammarly for Android and iOS devices, as well as for Windows and Mac computers here.


Ginger is an app similar to Grammarly. You can also just add it as an extension to your Chrome browser for free or purchase a Premium account for $14.98/month. The paid option also includes the Sentence Rephraser feature, analysis of your mistakes, translation into more than 60 languages and personalized practice lessons to improve your language and writing skills.

You can download Ginger for your Widows or Mac computers, as well as for Android and iOS devices here.


Hemingway is a handy desktop app for those who want to start writing professionally. The editor tightens up your text, cuts the dead weight from it and suggests better wordings. This way, your prose becomes clearer and more correct. Moreover, the editor has a simple and distraction-free interface. The app is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and costs $19.99. You can also use a free online version.

You can download Hemingway Editor for Windows or Mac computer here.


A cheaper alternative to Ginger or Grammarly apps is ProWritingAid. The basic version is free, and the Premium account costs only $79/year, which makes it just $6.58/month. It has all the features that you might need to edit and improve your text: it eliminates repetitiveness, passive voice, over-complicated constructions as well as spelling and grammar errors.

You can download the ProWritingAid Chrome extension or purchase a subscription here.

White Smoke

White Smoke is a user-friendly app for checking English grammar and spelling. You can choose the style of your text and based on that the service will suggest the most appropriate writing tips and hints. Its web version costs $5 a month, whereas the application is $6.66/month and has more features including a built-in translator. The app is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

You can download the app here.

Online Spelling and Grammar Checkers

If you don’t want to install a Chrome extension or download an application, you can always use online spelling and grammar checkers, such as Reverso, Grammar Check, JSpell, Scribens and Rephraser.

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