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How To View Speed Cameras on Google Maps

In May 2019, Google revealed that it would be possible to check for speed cameras on the road in Google Maps. This feature not only allows you to receive radar presence alerts so that you can slow down, it also checks where they are before planning your route. The radar query on Google Maps is already active in 40 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and the United States.

Plan a Route According to Radars

This new Google Maps feature allows you to check the availability of roads with fewer speed controls or simply prepare for the inevitable speed cameras. However, it is not possible to see the radars marked on the map. To find out where they are located, launch the search bar for the desired route first. In the top bar, enter your destination and activate the How to get there option. At this moment, Google Maps presents you with the options of available roads, their duration, and the radars present in each one of them.

With an orange circle, the fixed radars and their locations are indicated. With an alert symbol in blue, mobile radars are informed:

Check Information on Each Radar

Although Google Maps constantly updates the system, in some cases the radar information can quickly become obsolete, especially when it comes to mobile radars. You can check the details of each radar by clicking on the icon that indicates it. A tab will open with the information and with the last moment it was updated. So if you see that the radar has been confirmed active in the last few minutes, it most likely has remained active:

Warning About Impending Radar

Google Maps alerts you when you are approaching speed control. Sound alerts can be disabled, but notifications on the screen will always continue to appear.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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