Google Maps - How to save a map?

March 2018


I must introduce my company hosts. So I need a card for the geographical location. When I go to Google Map, I want to know how to copy and paste the card I have before my eyes.


This is very easy! Please follow these instructions:
  • 1) Click on print in the top right of the map
  • 2) In the window that opens, do:
    • Tools > Information on the Media page
  • 3) You select the image plane ..... (it appears in preview)
  • 4) Save As (save the image onto your desktop for example)
  • 5) You can then retrieve the image in word or via Excel integration ... image, or other software of course.

I hope this will solve your worries.


You can take a screenshot of the screen content:
  • Open the map then press the PrtSc button on your keyboard
  • Open Microsoft Paint
  • Click Edit then click Paste

You will get the screenshot then you just cut the region you need on the image!
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