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What’s New with Mac OS Big Sur

Apple recently announced that it is updating its operating system from OSX to OS11 in the form of macOS Big Sur. The new OS’s highlights are an aesthetic redesign on iMacs, Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros with these systems becoming closer to the iOS of iPhones and iPads. There will also be updates to Maps, Messages and Safari! The beta version of Mac OS Big Sur is available now, and we will show you how to access it along with the key features of this new OS.


MacOS Big Sur will arrive with a new look for Apple computers. A more advanced, intuitive and attractive design both in the main menu and in the notification center. This new format of the notification center will allow you to more easily visualize and manage connections and audiovisual reproduction, among others. The appearance is similar to that of iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) which could suggest Apple possibly has plans to incorporate a touchscreen into new iMacs and Macbooks.


One of the most groundbreaking announcements has been the use of proprietary processors (Apple Silicon) manufactured by Apple to the detriment of Intel’s chips that Apple has used for years. While it was stated in Apple’s WWDC 2020 that there will still be Intel Macs released this year and then supported for years to come, Apple is planning to fully transfer their lineup to Apple Silicon within 2 years. Users with Intel Mac’s will still be able to use OS Big Sur.



To improve the security of its users, Apple has included a privacy button in Safari. By clicking the user will be able to consult the details of how that web page that they are visiting manages their personal information.

Also, the Tracking Prevention option will be enabled to identify the trackers in each navigation window and automatically be blocked. You will be able to receive a weekly newsletter about blocked trackers.

Main Page

Mac OS Big Sur will allow you to customise the view of the Safari homepage to facilitate your navigation. You can place personal or default background images from the Apple gallery, you can also configure what parameters you want to be displayed when you open your browser, such as your favorite pages or your last visits.

App Store

There will be a new category in the App Store where all the extensions that can be downloaded, installed and coupled to the Safari browser will be. In addition, you can configure it so there are extensions that apply only to some specific web pages.


In one click, Safari will allow you to translate a web page into seven different languages.

Password control

The Apple browser will have an integrated tool called Password Monitoring to keep track of the web pages where you have saved your password.


Apple ensures that the Safari update will allow pages to load 50% faster than other browsers and, in addition, it will be more efficient for content production and video streaming.


Apple’s iMessages will be updated with a new design and various options to improve communication.

New threads

If you want to reply to a message within a conversation without deviating from the main subject or without causing confusion, you can create new reply threads within each replied message.

Memes and Gifs

Within iMessages you will be able to view and send memes and Gifs that are trending at the moment.


Create custom emoticons from your own Mac to share them in your iMessage chats.


Pin multiple conversations to make them stand out and always appear at the top of your chat list.



In addition to the spectacular new design of the Maps app for Mac OS Big Sur, you will have the option to create your own guides to featured places. Create a list of your favourite restaurants, places with spectacular sunsets or the unmissable monuments of a city to share with your friends.

Interior Maps

With the interior maps tool (or Indoor Maps) you can consult plans of closed places such as airports or large halls for fairs and conferences.

Routes with Stops

Now you can trace routes with advanced options such as marking places and times of stops along the way.

Install the macOS Big Sur Beta

Before you get started Apple recommends that you create a fresh backup of your Mac before you install the Beta in case there are any issues, or you want to revert to your current version.

  • On your Mac go to the Apple Developers Website.
  • Sign in if you’re already a member, if not create an account
  • On the left side of the page, select Downloads
  • You will find the macOS Big Sur beta at the top, select Install Profile
  • After allowing the download, go to your Downloads Folder
  • Open the file: macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • The macOS Big Sur update should now be available. You can click Upgrade Now to start using the beta version.

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