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What Is YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is the new, TikTok style, video experience for people who want to create short and catchy videos using their mobile phones. An early beta is being launched in India before being released worldwide. This comes after TikTok being banned in India and as such, more and more people looking for alternatives to TikTok. This article will introduce you to YouTube Shorts and show you its key features.

What Is YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts aims to focus on three aspects: Create, Discovery, and Watch.


At the heart of YouTube shorts is creation. YouTube wants people to be able to easily create engaging short form content. Here are the main features that will allow you to do this:

  • A multi-segment camera, allowing you to combine multiple clips together.
  • The possibility to record your clip using music from YouTube’s music library.
  • Control the speed of clips, giving you additional creative freedoms.
  • A built in timer and countdown clock that lets you record hands free.


YouTube Shorts will also focus on helping creators get discovered. With over 2 billion monthly viewers on YouTube, there is an ample amount of people ready to enjoy your content. If you want to make some really popular videos, you can begin by looking at this article, based on TikTok, that will show you some of the best video effects you can add to your clips. This article explains how you can produce high quality content that should help you get discovered more easily.


YouTube Shorts aims to have a better viewing experience. Allowing users to swipe vertically from one video to another, facilitating the discovery of similar shorts.

Maximum Video Length

With YouTube shorts you can create 15 second videos (or less). In comparison TikTok’s videos could be up to 60 seconds (although they started out at only 15 seconds, allowing the possibility for YouTube Shorts to increase their length also).

With no official figure for the optimum length of a TikTok video, a blogger calculated the average video length for the top 100 TikTok videos and found that it was just under 16 seconds. So YouTube Shorts, reduced video time does not seem like it will impede content creators.

When Will It Be Released

A global rollout for YouTube Shorts has not been announced yet. They are currently focusing on a beta version in India. Once this phase has been completed they plan to release it world wide.

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