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10 Ideas On How to Celebrate Christmas Online

The Christmas 2020 won’t be like any other Christmas, but it is precisely for this reason - between distrust of the present and hope in the future - that the celebrations of the most beloved holiday of the year can not be missed! Already nostalgic for corporate Christmas parties? Or the endless family lunches? Definitely… But thanks to technology, thanks to programs like Zoom, Google Meet you can feel at home, in the familiar warmth or in the company of your colleagues, while staying at home. So to live the Christmas spirit, here are some ideas for virtual Christmas parties, fun and unique, for adults and children!

How to Celebrate Christmas Virtually

Want to make a Zoom call with your colleagues fun? Take some time and spend 15 minutes - or more - to experience the holiday spirit just like you would do it in the office. How? Here are a few select ideas for celebrating virtually.

Christmas Bingo

Unmissable at every Christmas, bingo is also easily feasible online, both with traditional numbers and cards (on which to put legumes or orange peels, we all have one at home so it will be easy to find) that do-it-yourself or with the variant made of clues instead of numbers.

For a Christmas-themed holiday bingo, in fact, just create or download themed cards (like this) and then follow these simple rules:

  • Distribute the folders to participants remotely: via email or with the link.
  • Establish the timing: a single video conference or the entire month of December, for example.
  • Create a series of clues to complete the board with the team game.
  • Each player will get a point every time he/she gets information related to the board from another colleague.
  • The person who completes all challenges by lining up an entire row of clues or the entire board wins.

Christmas Playlist

No party without music and no music without a party! Christmas playlists can't be missed online either! Find out in this article how to listen and download Christmas music for free.


Jamming and singing at the top of your lungs with friends and colleagues or the whole family Jingle Bells is not only fun but hilarious! Doing video karaoke is easy: YouTube is full of ready-to-use karaoke videos.

But if you don't want to improvise, here is Watch2Gether to be synchronized as if you were together.

Play Together

Online Christmas games? Some games already lend themselves by default to the virtual environment and can easily be played thematically. These include Trivia, Drawize, - drawing and guessing thanks to an online graphic program - and games of riddles, work-related quizzes or acting and imitation.

Also interesting is the Boardgamearena platform where you can find board games to play online.

Virtual Secret Santa

The tradition of "Secret Santa" involves an exchange of gifts to a random person present in a group, all in total secrecy. Very nice especially with those who do not know each other well, for example, at work or between acquaintances (friends from the gym, for example, etc.). The virtual Santa secret can be performed online here.

Christmas Card Contest Online

Receiving wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year is always a pleasure, virtually or on paper, it's fun to make them for the sender as well. So why not organize a contest of the most beautiful (or trashy) postcards? Or create greeting cards by collaborating together? Thanks to the sharing capabilities of some graphics programs and the ability to share the screen in video calls.

Read the article about the best apps, with which you can create personalized Christmas cards.

Cooking Together

Good company, good wine but also some good food on Christmas is crucial! Here's how to cook together the most delicious Christmas delicacies by sharing them with your work team, friends and relatives, even via a videoconference. One idea could be to create an online recipe book to share:

  • Everyone sends in their heart recipe.
  • Use graphics programs, such as Canva for example, to make the recipes look more appealing.
  • Share the cookbook.
  • Carve out time to do demonstrations right in your own home kitchen, improvising as an accomplished chef-tuber!

For Kids

In addition to Santa drawings to color online or print out, older kids can spend their time on video chat sharing SantaTracker challenges with their friends. And by receiving a personalized message from virtual Santa.

Photo – Anastasiia Stiahailo - 123rf.com


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