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  • Error with Macromedia Flash zoom Solved/Closed

    So, recently Iv'e been trying out Macromedia Flash (because you can get it for free) with my digital tablet. So... the problem is that when I zoom in,...

    JuicyMike | Software | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 21, 2018
    10 replies
  • Easy File Locker password forgot Solved

    Hello, I forgot my easy file locker password . please, help me to recover it.

  • Add Skype desktop icon Solved/Closed

    Hello, By mistake I deleted desktop icon for my Skype. How to recreate it ? System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 60.0

    SajjanSinghania | Skype | Latest reply: Ambucias May 22, 2018
    3 replies
  • You Tube ... no video, only sound. Solved/Closed

    Hello, ... PROBLEM SOLVED!!! ... I right clicked on You Tube's blank square (black or white) and clicked on "Report playback issue" ... I did an...

    Chenoli | Video software | Latest reply: mattman May 17, 2018
    9 replies
  • How install 3110c software on the phone Solved/Closed

    please tell me about this with which software it will we install System Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

    Harvinder SIngh | Software | Latest reply: Gandhi May 11, 2018
    3 replies
  • Text comparison software Solved/Closed

    Hello, I search for a software that compares texts. It seems easy... I explain my problem : I have a word document with a certain text (see below...

    Aurore5703 | Software | Latest reply: Aurore5703 Apr 3, 2018
    4 replies
  • Folder Lock 7 is corrupted Solved/Closed

    Hello guys, I’m using windows 10 64bit OS. I installed Folder lock 7 with version 7.2.2 I create a FLKA file then I stored my data on that ...

    arilaathi | System software | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 17, 2018
    1 reply
  • GENX 600dpi scanner driver Solved/Closed

    Hello, Am looking driver for GENX 600dpi scanner. Can you send me by mail or can you send me the link for downloading.

    Santosh Antony | Drivers | Latest reply: ac3mark Mar 14, 2018
    2 replies
  • I can't watch video clips Solved/Closed

    Hello, my computer can't display video clips as in youTube and many other websites ! and I lately did many changed so that I don't know in which t...

    error_nf | Video software | Latest reply: Savouge Mar 10, 2018
    110 replies
  • Genx Scanner RCFA4122EU Solved/Closed

    Hello, hOW DO I DOWN LOAD DRIVER FOR Genx Scanner RCFA4122EU Please help me out Thanks Sudhir Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer ...

    sudhir | Software | Latest reply: abomaher Mar 5, 2018
    5 replies
  • Lost Folder Lock 7 password Solved/Closed

    I have forgotton the master password of folder lock 7 for windows 7 ... I have locked 1 folder in it, that contains my personal data . plz help me

    herry.boy121 | System software | Latest reply: capricorn Feb 12, 2018
    71 replies
  • Built in mic is not working Solved/Closed

    Hello,after formatting my laptop my builtin mic is not working it is toshiba sattelite a300 vista please helpSystem Configuration: Windows Vista Safa...

    rose | Software | Latest reply: stra Feb 8, 2018
    18 replies
  • Forward toll free number Solved/Closed

    Hello, If I take a toll free number and I forward it on a new account skype , when I 'm calling someone I need to had a skype number too ?? Please...

    saracmsnsastone | Skype | Latest reply: saracmsnsastone Feb 2, 2018
    2 replies
  • MP3 is not valid win32 application error Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have a problem when I try to play mp3 in winamp player when I click twice on the mouse I have gote the eroor . and when I take the song ...

    nir -d | Software | Latest reply: harishthakur Jan 30, 2018
    7 replies
  • Can't watch videos from YouTube but I can still hear the sound Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a strange problem with youtube. Videos that I could see before now I can hear only the sound. And this is happening since last week ...

    Floppy82 | Video software | Latest reply: Picka Jan 7, 2018
    23 replies
  • Sony walkman power off button stuck Solved/Closed

    Hello, can you let me know why my sony walkman is stuck in the "power off" I cannot turn it off or do anything with it there is no battery inside...

    karen | Software | Latest reply: dave malaysia Jan 6, 2018
    3 replies
  • Driver for Bluetooth at Dell Inspiron 1525 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I would like to install driver for Bluetooth for my Dell notebook model no. Inspiron 1525. I am using Window XP operating system. Would a...

    shikha | Drivers | Latest reply: Justin Dec 18, 2017
    8 replies
  • Open a new Skype account Solved/Closed

    Hello, i would like to open a new skype account. can you please gide me. System Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

    tej thapa | Skype | Latest reply: noor Dec 18, 2017
    3 replies
  • Musicmatch Jukebox Solved/Closed

    I need help to continue to use Musicmatch Jukebox. There have been impossible to get rid of the errormessage poping up since yesterday. Please help !...

    Musikkmann | Software | Latest reply: rob1986 Dec 12, 2017
    7 replies
  • My computer says i have no sound device? Solved/Closed

    Hello, a few months ago I was trying to burn some CD's and I got a notice that said there was no sound device on my computer how do I get it back......

    Kris_09 | Drivers | Latest reply: all corny Nov 29, 2017
    9 replies
  • How to install sound device Solved/Closed

    Hello, can u show with video how to insatall sound device System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 52.0

    bhaskar | Drivers | Latest reply: gainerp Nov 28, 2017
    2 replies
  • Same email with 2 skype id Solved/Closed

    i have problem login with my account i have 2 skype linked with one email address and unable to login my new one . Yesterday i open i previous one and...

    waqaasss | Skype | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 22, 2017
    1 reply
  • driver for IT-306WC Solved/Closed

    Hello, I bought one Intex Webcam, but I have lost the Driver CD, how can I get the Driver for IT-306WC?

    pachaiyappan | Drivers | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 21, 2017
    1 reply
  • Base system device for Dell 1015 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to download base system device for dell vostro 1015 windows 7 32 bits please, can you give me the link correct to download

    faysal | Software | Latest reply: ali Nov 11, 2017
    5 replies
  • License key for Lime Wire Solved/Closed

    Hello, LICENSE KEY FOR LIME WIRE System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 55.0.2883.87

    surajkumars | Software | Latest reply: ac3mark Nov 10, 2017
    1 reply
  • Help - Can't connect to Skype Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have the same problem. I downloaded Skype 4 today now can't connect. The only message that comes up says 'can't connect'. I've not had a ...

    Gesh | Skype | Latest reply: kycir Nov 7, 2017
    16 replies
  • Factory reset Compaq cq58 laptop Solved/Closed

    Hello, I’m struggling with how to factory reset my laptop to its original condition. Giving it away to my friend, so I want it all to be as if the...

    Lehman | Software | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 28, 2017
    1 reply
  • Folder locked and opens to control panel Solved/Closed

    Hello, I locked some folders in folder access, then my system crashed and I had to reinstall the OS. Now the locked folders open to control panel, ...

    hari | Software | Latest reply: Candy Sep 27, 2017
    19 replies
  • How to install audio output device Solved/Closed

    Hello, my computer automatic update install but after it was done the Audio Output Device was left unInstalled. Help how to install the device.. Tha...

    beth | Drivers | Latest reply: Josh Sep 25, 2017
    307 replies
  • Lan drivers intel pentium duel core E2160 Solved/Closed

    Hello, i want lan drivers for intel pentium duel core E2160 1.8hgz

    deepak | Drivers | Latest reply: naga Sep 22, 2017
    3 replies
  • How to legalize a Win 10 illegal copy? Solved/Closed

    I am living in Southeast Asia and have recently bought a gaming PC for the operation of Microsoft Flightsimulator FSX. I gave instructions to the sh...

    ikarus2017 | System software | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 4, 2017
    7 replies
  • No audio output device is installed Solved/Closed

    Hello, In the system tray, the volume icon button is marked with X and it says that "No audio output device is installed.". In device manager, ...

    Bhuppi | Drivers | Latest reply: suman Aug 23, 2017
    7 replies
  • Driver USB mass controller Solved/Closed

    Hello, need to know where can I downlod am item System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 60.0.3112.101

    subzerovesel | Drivers | Latest reply: subzerovesel Aug 23, 2017
    0 replies
  • CM security Solved/Closed

    Hello, I accidentally reformatted my phone without backing up cm security apps, can I recover the private photo in my vault? Are the photos wiped ou...

  • How to retrieve lost files in flash drives? Solved/Closed

    I lost some important files in one flash drive. I do remember taht ive stored them,so I deleted backup from my computer. these files are significant ...

  • How to download Visio Solved/Closed

    how to download visio?

    hacker_jeff | Software | Latest reply: ac3mark Jul 14, 2017
    1 reply
  • Can't access Windows desktop Solved/Closed

    i have windows 10 it was working well until i pressed some keys on the keyboard by mistake now i cant access my desktop again, apps open and cannot be...

    chiadelbert | Software | Latest reply: ac3mark Jul 14, 2017
    1 reply
  • Upgrade from Windows 10 to Linux Solved/Closed

    I using windows 10 software , I want to upgrade to can I do.

    9493936170 | Software | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 28, 2017
    1 reply
  • What is VaultSvc? Solved/Closed

    what is the VaultSvc?

  • No audio no sound device and troubleshoot fails Solved/Closed

    Hello, Right click "my computer"click "manage"click "device manager"click "sound,video and game controller open(audio codes,legacy audio driver,le...

    ravi | Drivers | Latest reply: Khalil Jun 10, 2017
    11 replies
  • Scan my pendrive without antivirus Solved/Closed

    Hello, My computer don't have any antivirus. Now, how I can scan my pendrive.

    debayan basu | Antivirus | Latest reply: Vish Jun 5, 2017
    4 replies
  • Toshiba recovery without a CD Solved/Closed

    Hi, I have been using a Toshiba laptop from mid 2007. I don't have a recovery disc supplied with the purchase of this laptop. Instead, Toshiba has ...

  • Folder lock 7.6 Solved/Closed

    Hello, Guys i locked a folder with "lock folder" software, everytime i open "Folder lock" i can see my folder there, i can open it and everything,...

    JordanFirst | Software | Latest reply: JordanFirst May 22, 2017
    1 reply
  • Is there a Windows version of Photo Linker? Solved/Closed

    Hello, is there a windows version?

    jlo | Software | Latest reply: Ambucias May 12, 2017
    1 reply
  • Click to call and Screen Pop-ups Solved/Closed

    Is anyone here a programmer or a software developer? We have a CRM in place (Zoho) and we'd like to know if it's possible for us to link it with Sh...

    CCassidy | Software | Latest reply: Brooke_Harper May 8, 2017
    3 replies
  • Product key for 2013 Crystal Report Solved/Closed

    Hi, I downloaded Crystal Report 2013 but need a product key to install. How can I get one? Please advise.

    vico2k8 | Software | Latest reply: BunoCS May 3, 2017
    1 reply
  • Can't find Folder Lock Solved/Closed

    Hi everyone.. I installed Folder Lock 7.6.8, & have been using it regularly for a week and then activated the "stealth mode" & deleted the progr...

    Mazin27 | Software | Latest reply: Mazin27 May 2, 2017
    3 replies
  • Converting tif files to pdf files Solved/Closed

    Hello, Mon ami, I apologize profusely if in any way I offended you. That was certainly not my intent. I realize that you are a volunteer and I cer...

    jheye | Software | Latest reply: jheye Apr 23, 2017
    5 replies
  • Access to Skype Solved/Closed

    Would you let me know how could I get the access to Skype ? Thanking you for your assistance

    lucmaterne | Software | Latest reply: lucmaterne Mar 29, 2017
    2 replies
  • How to activate Picasa Solved/Closed

    How to activate Picasa I have just downloaded? Thank you.

    I.G. | Software | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 28, 2017
    3 replies