Yahoo Mail attachments: download, not showing

Yahoo Mail attachments: download, not showing

If you are having trouble downloading attachments in Yahoo Mail, the issue could come from the configuration settings or security settings of the internet browser. In this article we will show you how to download attachments on Yahoo Mail.

Why can't I open attachments in Yahoo Mail?

If your web-browser is Internet Explorer, disabling the add-ons from the tools menu can help solve the issue, alternatively, there is also a solution for Chrome. Security issues may also contribute to this attachment problem. Configuring the security settings to the correct values will solve this. Antivirus software and proxy firewall settings may also be responsible for the issue with Yahoo! Mail attachments. If you are having trouble downloading attachments from Yahoo mails, and seeing the message "the requested URL was not found on this server", without having any prior problems, these are necessary steps you need to take depending on your browser.

Internet Explorer

  • Go to Internet Explorer and disable the Add-ons. You can find this setting under Tools > Manage Add-ons.

I disabled all of them and then checked my email and the attachment opened. I then went back and enabled them one at a time until I found the one that caused the problem. Mine happened to be under MacAfee, the proxy, so all the others could be enabled again. I left the proxy one disabled and everything is good again.


If you are using Chrome, you may have accidentally stopped Yahoo from downloading files (by closing a pop-up asking for permission to download multiple files). You can easily check to see if this is the case for you:

  • Open Chrome Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Automatic Downloads
  • Allow automatic downloads, and see if that resolves your problems the next time you attempt to download a PDF or other file from Yahoo mail.
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