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  • Midjourney: what is it, AI art, Discord, prompts

    Midjourney has become the internet's favorite artificial intelligence (AI) program for creating digital art thanks to its incredible quality and precision. In this article we give you a complete tutorial on how to use this tool, which you can try for free on Discord, as well as details about all the new features of its V4 version.

  • The best documentaries on Netflix right now

    Want to take a break from movies and series? When it comes to documentaries, nature, historical and crime are the most common themes of the genre, but there's so more out there. Our selection of the best documentaries on Netflix brings you a good dose of suspense, drama and fun.

  • What is a VPN? What it does, how it works, connections

    Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are increasingly commonly used as internet users want to protect their privacy online and get around geographical restrictions. But what exactly is a VPN, and what does it do? Read on to decide if you should be using a VPN, and check out our list of recommended servers.