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Snapchat for Windows Phone

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Snapchat for Windows Phone
Windows Phone, English
Currently, Snapchat is compatible with all mobile platforms. This versions is for Windows Phone.

This application differentiates itself by the type of communication it offers. Users are able to discuss by sharing photos, videos, and text. You can chose from the photos and videos saved on your phone or take a new one from the app. Once the legends are added, all you have to do is select a friend from your contacts and press the send button. Like other versions of Snapchat, users are only able to view an image for up to 10 seconds. Once this time has expired, the photos are automatically deleted from the application's server. You can also share videos on Snapchat, including those already saved on your smartphone. It is also possible to record one and share it immediately. The app also allows you to create stories and see others shared by your friend or accounts you're interested in.


Latest update on August 20, 2018 at 02:56 PM.

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