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What's your public IP address?

The ipconfig for Windows, also known as ifconfig under Linux, displays your IP address. However with a NAT router, this will not necessarily correspond to your public IP address. Your actual public IP address is the following :

What is your IP address?

Whenever a PC is connected to the internet an internet protocol (IP), is attached to it. It is a unique number and all IT devices, be it a router, modem or a network scanner and printer, use this IP number to exchange data within the computer network. The IP format is a set of numbers from 0 to 255 separated by periods. To know what your IP and TCP/IP address settings are, for your Windows-based older operating systems, you need to run the command prompt and execute the "winipcfg.exe". For Windows 2000 and later versions, go to the command prompt console and type "ipconfig" and enter. Along with the IP Address, protocols, the gateway to every single working network connection along with Subnet Mask in your computer are also visible. All network connection details as the DNS Servers or WINS Servers, and all protocols are displayed with ipconfig /all command. For Linux users "ifconfig" is used on the console as root. There are various online applications and tools to know your TCP/IP address.

What is an IP address?

When a PC is connected to the internet, it automatically has an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This address defines your computer and enables online devices to locate them on the internet. The format of an IP address takes the form of four digit numbers from 0 to 255 divided by periods. is the example of how your IP address should be displayed.

How to know your IP address?

There are simple ways for you to find out your IP address

For Windows

  • 1. Go to your Start button and select the Run option
  • 2. Type in cmd /k ipconfig /all
  • 3. A command window will pop up and list your IP number.

For old versions of Windows

  • 1. Go to your "Start" button and select the "Run" option
  • 2. Type in winipcfg
  • 3. A command window will pop up and list your IP number.

Under Linux

  • In a console as root

  • in a console as user


Under MacOS

  • From the Apple menu go to "System Preferences" > "Network"
  • Your IP address will be displayed in the right pane.

By using online tools

There are websites that also propose to list your IP address for free. You can get them through the following links:

Why do some sites display different IP addresses

Note that: ipconfig and sites such as www.whatismyip.com can sometimes give a different IP address.

If you are in this situation, this means that:
  • You did not look at the right interface (you can have multiple IP addresses corresponding to multiple modems/NIC/WiFi). Be sure to use the /all (ipconfig/all) to check out all the interfaces.
  • You are using a router, a gateway or proxy. The router performs an address translations between your LAN and the internet (NAT).

In this case use the above solution:

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