Installing a Driver in Compatibility Mode in Windows 7

You may encounter difficulty finding compatible drivers for Windows 7. In such cases you can try installing the drivers that are compatible with Windows XP. In this article we will show you the necessary steps to take.

Follow the below steps

1) Open that particular driver folder (For example, if your want to install the audio driver that manually open the audio driver folder) and find the setup.exe file in folder and right-click on it.
2) Select the option "Troubleshoot compatibility" centre
3) Select the option "Troubleshoot program" centre
4) Check the check boxes for the 1st and the 3rd options as shown in the below image and click on the "Next" button. centre
5) Select the option "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" centre
6) Click on "Start the program". Installation process will be started. centre
Note : After successful installation it may prompt you to restart the PC with the Options "Yes" or "No". Select the option "No" so that you can restart your PC later.
7) Select the option "Yes, save these settings for this program. centre

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