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How To Enable Filters on Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile application that allows you take photos or videos and instantly share them with friends using the same application. The application comes with a slew of built-in customization options that allow users to add any number of filters, effects, emojis, text, or hand drawings to their snaps. This tutorial will explain how to enable these filters and give you a quick introduction to the various personalization options for your snaps.

How To Get Effects on Snapchat

Some of these filters require that you enable the Location Access feature of your smartphone. To do this, head to Settings > Location Access, and toggle the Access my location switch ON.

Enable Snapchat Filters

Launch your Snapchat application, and head to the Settings menu by swiping your finger Up. Then tap the cog icon:

Scroll to the Additional Services section, and tap Manage:

Tick the Filters checkbox, and accept the terms of use:

Use Snapchat Filters

Filters may be applied once a snap is taken. You can access these filters by simply swiping left or right over your media.

The latest version of Snapchat includes colored filters (including sepia, black and white, and vintage), data filters (including the current time, the local temperature, and your current speed), as well as colorful Geofilters:

Use Snapchat Lenses

To use Snapchat's Lenses feature, switch your camera to Selfie mode, and hold your phone far enough away that your camera captures your entire face. Next, press and hold your finger over your face until a geometric "scan" is shown on screen.

Once the scan is complete, a series of circular buttons will be shown across the bottom of your screen. Select your desired lens from the available options by swiping left or right, and follow the directions shown on screen to apply the effect:

Once you've decided on your lens, simply tap the shutter button to capture your image.

Snapchat Video-Only Filters

Use one of Snapchat's four built-in video filters to make your video snaps a bit more dynamic.

The Slow Motion filter is represented by a snail. Use this filter to slow down your video and audio.

The Rewind filter is represented by three left-facing arrows. Use this filter to play your video and audio backwards.

Use the Fast Forward filter to increase the speed of your video and audio. A Fast Fast Forward filter (represented by a rabbit with lined speed indicators) is also available to make your video and audio especially speedy.

Add Text on Snapchat

Snapchat also allows you to place a text overlay on your images or videos. Text can either appear in a small, standard font, or in one additional font options for larger overlays. Learn more about how to add text to your snaps here.

Snapchat's Pencil Tool

Users feeling really creative can also take advantage of Snapchat's pencil tool, which allows users to insert freeform drawings onto their snaps.

The drawing tool can be accessed by clicking on the pencil icon at the top right of the camera screen:

To use the tool, simply select your desired color, and use your finger to draw right on your screen. If you make a mistake, an "undo" button is located right next to the pencil.

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