How To Disconnect a Google Account from Google Chrome

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Google Chrome allows you to be logged in to multiple user accounts at once, each with its own custom settings and preferences (e.g. bookmarks, saved data, passwords, and usernames, etc.). If you would like to swap out one account for another or simply get rid of one of your signed in accounts, the browser gives you the option to disconnect an account from Google Chrome, effectively erasing all of that account's personal data from the browser.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of doing so.

Remove a Google Account from Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, and sign in. In the top-right corner, click the button that has your name or email address.

Select Switch person.

Hover over the account that you want to remove. In the top-right corner of the mini-profile that pops up, click the downward arrow > Remove This Person.

In the dialog box that appears, click Remove This Person to confirm the deletion.
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