How to install extension in Chrome: Android, manually

How to install extension in Chrome: Android, manually

Upon trying to install extension for Google Chrome (out of the Chrome Web Store), the following error might appear "Extensions, apps, and user scripts cannot be installed from this web site". In this article, we'll show you how to install a third party Google Chrome extensions manually.

How to install third-party extensions on Chrome manually?

  • Download the extension to your PC (do not try to install it):
  • Right-click on the Install button and select "Save link as"
  • In the window that opens, choose the folder where the extension (.crx) will be saved and click on the "Save".
  • Under Google Chrome, click on "Customized and Control Google Chrome" > "Tools" > "Extensions".
  • Finally, drag the .crx file to the extensions page, to install it.

How to install Chrome extension on Android?

  • Open the Google Chrome web store
  • Go to the extensions tab
  • Search for the extension that you wish to add, and then select add to Chrome. The extension will be immediately added to your Chrome browser. If it doesn't appear to work straight away, close and reopen your Chrome browser.

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