How to enable extensions in incognito mode in Chrome

How to enable extensions in incognito mode in Chrome

You may have noticed that all your Chrome extensions disappear when you start private navigation. This is because the browser can't guarantee that these extensions won't track your activity, which conflicts with the purpose of the incognito mode. However, there is a very simple method to manually activate and continue using your Chrome extensions when browsing privately as well. Read on to discover how to do it.

How to use extensions in incognito mode?

1) Open your Chrome browser and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. Select Settings.

2) In the left menu, select Extensions.

3) A new window will open showing all the extensions you have installed (alternatively, you can also get there by typing chrome://extensions/ in the browser's search bar). Click on the Details button under the extension you want to use in incognito mode.

4) Next, scroll down a little until you find the option Allow in incognito and activate it, so the toggle will turn blue.

5) You can now close the previous windows and open a new incognito window. Click on the puzzle piece icon or the selected extension icon to ensure that the extension works properly while browsing privately.

The process is reversible, and you only have to retrace the steps to disable an extension you have enabled.

Note: you cannot install new extensions while using incognito mode, nor are all extensions compatible with this mode, so you may be unable to activate all of them.

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