Mount or Burn ISO files with Windows 10

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Windows 10 is shipped with built-in CD/DVD Drive emulation capabilities, which makes it easy to mount or burn your ISO and IMG files (also called disc images).

How To Mount or Burn ISO files with Windows 10

What is a Disc Image?

A disc image is a file that encapsulates the data of a CD/DVD. One would normally require third-party software such as Nero, UltraISO, or Daemon Tools to mount (view the content) ISO and IMG files.

Windows 10 changes the rules as it integrates the necessary tools to mount/burn disc images.

How To Mount a Disc Image

With Windows 10, the mounting or burning of a disc image is a breeze. Click on Start > File Explorer and browse for the desired ISO or IMG file. Right-click on the disc image and select the desired option:

- Mount: this option allows you to “load” the ISO file to a virtual drive.
- Burn disc image: this option allows you to burn the content of the ISO file to a CD/DVD:

Mounting Options Are Missing from Context Menu

Windows 10 won’t display the Mount and Burn disc image options if you already have burning software installed on your PC. In such cases, the trick is to mount your disc images by right-clicking on them > Open with > File Explorer.

Once done, head to This PC > Devices and drives to access the new virtual drive:

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