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How To Download Audio From YouTube Video

There are several programs that allow you to download music from YouTube, but you must download and install them on your computer. If you want to skip downloading special software to access your favorite songs, you can use the Youtube-MP3 website to download music from YouTube in MP3 format quickly and easily.

Youtube-MP3 is free and you do not need to register to use it.

How To Record Audio From YouTube Video

Go to YouTube and play the video whose audio you want to download. Then, copy the URL of the video that appears in the address bar of the web browser:

Next, go to the Youtube-MP3 website and paste the URL of the video in the box. Click Convert Video, and wait while the video converts to MP3 format:

Finally, click Download to download the MP3 file to your hard drive:

Image: © Rose_Carson - Shutterstock.com

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