How To Change the Font in Your Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Posts

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You may have noticed, more or less, the same font being used across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube posts. Continue reading to discover how you can step outside of the box and create social media posts using diverse fonts.

Change the Font for Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube) Posts

To change the font for your social media posts, start by heading to the Unicode Text Converter website.

N.B. Take care not to overuse the different fonts, as your posts may be unreadable or even a nuisance to your followers.

In the search bar, enter the phrase whose font you would like to change:

Next, click the SHOW button:

Your phrase will, then, be displayed in different font styles. You will notice that special characters are not displayed by the website:

Now, simply copy the phrase in the style of your choice:

Next, simultaneously press [Ctrl] + [C] on your keyboard, or right-click and select Copy:

Finally, paste the text in the post creation tool on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube by simultaneously pressing [Ctrl] + [V] on your keyboard, or right-clicking and selecting Paste:

Then, simply publish your stylized post!

Image: © Facebook/YouTube/Twitter.
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