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How To Download Private Videos and Photos from Instagram

Private mode on Instagram is the solution for many who want to share their photos and videos with only a select, pre-approved few. Many people think that their content (photos, videos) are protected by doing this but in fact, this isn’t the case. All photos and videos have their own web address and whoever manages to find these addresses, can easily see and download the content.

N.B. Do not download private photos and videos without the permission of the owner or to the detriment of any third parties.

Discover the URL from private Instagram photos and videos

In order to find the original web addresses for photos and videos of private IG accounts (which will be necessary to download any content), you must first find the source code, the code of the account’s page. From the listed content of the page, you can then copy the URL of the photo or video of interest. For info on how this works in Google Chrome and Firefox click here.

Downloading private Instagram photos and videos

Once you have found the link for the photos or videos of interest-either via the site’s code or because you are an authorised follower of the account and can therefore view the material-you have several download options/possibilities:

-You can save the videos and photos directly from the browser
-you can take a screenshot
-you can copy the link into an app or a web application that does the download for you.

All possibilities are clearly explained in this CCM article.

An other feasible option for downloading photos and videos is the YouTube By Click desktop program, that you can download for free for either Mac or Windows here. This tool enables downloads for all social networks and websites.

Note: This Program only works if you have been granted access to the IG content, i.e. if you are a legitimate follower of the private account.

Downloading private Instagram content with YouTube By Click

Open YouTube By Click and add the URL of the desired Instagram photo or video. You can adjust the formatting and quality settings in which the content should be downloaded.

YouTube By Click will ask you to enter your username and IG password if the photo/video is private or if the content comes from a private account. This is in order to ensure that you have been granted access to the content, i.e. you are a confirmed follower of the photo/video owner. You can find more info about this here

Click on Download and select where you want the file to be saved on your computer.

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Have tried. Works well. I also use another program called AnyVid to batch download Instagram pictures.
Haha, I can download ig photos on pc now. Yet my friend and I download ig photos on with AnyVid app. May be you can offer some solutions for downloading private ig photos for mobile phones.