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How To Get YouTube Premium for Free

YouTube Premium is a paid Google service that offers additional access to the service. This subscription gives you access to additional content and even allows you to stream music, now becoming a competitor of Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, with a Premium account you can watch YouTube videos without adds. Want to use YouTube Premium for free or for less? Here we'll fill you in.

Register with Your Card

The easiest way to access YouTube Premium content is to register for a paid account using your credit or debit card. This will run you $12 per month. To register, go to the YouTube Premium website. Once signed up for the first time, you'll receive a one-month free trial. During the trial you will have unlimited free access; and you can cancel it any time before the end of the first month for no additional charges.

Find a Family or Student Plan

YouTube Premium also offers a family plan and a student plan for a reduced price.
A family plan costs $15 per month and includes access for up to 6. By taking a family plan, you can share the cost and decrease the monthly amount you pay. Split this plan among your family and friends to maximize your savings. A student plan will run you $7 per month, so if you're still studying there a way to save a few bucks per month.

With Ads

Google doesn't allow you to access YouTube Premium in exchange for viewing ads. However, this option is available with YouTube Music, so if you want to have unlimited and free music (including advertising), just register.

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