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Find Out if Someone is Spying on Your WhatsApp

With recent data-selling scandals, you might be worried that someone is reading your conversations on WhatsApp Web. If this is a concern for you, we’re happy to tell you that there is a formula to find out if there is anyone reading or spying on your personal conversations. This is the chat access history that is stored in the WhatsApp Web version and in this article we will provide a detailed explanation of how to access it.

What is WhatsApp Web and How Can You be Spied on?

WhatsApp Web is the desktop version of the application that can be accessed from its own website. If you don’t know about it yet, you can try it here.

To open WhatsApp Web for the first time you need to access the website from your phone and scan the QR code that appears. Open your WhatsApp app settings on your smartphone and select WhatsApp Web/Desktop as shown in the image below.

At this point there is one very important detail to note: by default, the system enables the "Keep me logged in" option. This means that once you open your WhatsApp account in that web browser, it will remain connected and logged in even if you close the web page. You have to go to the menu (the three points) and deliberately select Logout.

Of course you can choose not to log out on that web browser because you use it to regularly access the service, or you can simply ignore the detail. However, this means that anyone who has access to your computer can open the WhatsApp website and access all of your conversations.

How to Check if You Are Being Spied on

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a formula which allows you to see if an intruder is accessing your conversations through WhatsApp Web. To access this feature, go to the WhatsApp app settings menu on your phone, open the WhatsApp Web option and a list of computers with active open sessions will appear. It also lists the information about the computer on which the current session was started, the type of browser, the geographic location, and most importantly, the date and time when the last access took place.

This allows you to check two things. Firstly, you can see if there are any suspicious open sessions on your WhatsApp account and secondly, if someone has accessed the open session on your computer at a time when you were not logged in. This is also something you can check from your smartphone when away from home.

Block Intruder Access

In the event of a suspicious connection, it’s recommended to log out directly form your phone. It is not possible to log out of a specific computer and leave other browser sessions open, but what you can do is "Sign Out of All Sessions" on the web where you’re logged into your WhatsApp account.

Since it is extremely easy to log in to WhatsApp by simply scanning a QR code, we recommend that you always log out before you leave the page for security reasons. In addition to that, you can regularly log into your connection history and close all sessions to prevent others from accessing and reading your chats.

Image: © endermasali - Shutterstock.com


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