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Anvi Folder Locker Password Forgotten

The Anvi Folder Locker (also known as Anvi Folder Lock) was a form of folder locking software created by Anvisoft. This type of software is designed to be foolproof and unbreakable. They are made so that no unwanted party should be able to gain access to it. One of the key features is removing any backdoor ways to enter the folder. In this article we will show several possible ways to unlock your Anvi Folder Locker if you have forgotten the password.

Note: The methods in this article are based on anecdotal evidence from our forum section. As Anvisoft is no longer operational, we cannot fully verify their effectiveness.

Is Anvisoft Still Active

It appears that Anvisoft is no longer operating (their website has been closed, and their Facebook account has not been updated since mid 2016). This is problematic because the best way of regaining access to a locked folder would be by contacting the Anvisoft support and asking for a reset key.

Unlock Anvi Folder Locker Without Password

One of the apparent most successful methods for accessing a locked Anvi Folder Locker is by using Windows Safe Mode to bypass the restrictions.

  • Firstly, open Windows in Safe Mode. (See this article on How to Start Windows in Safe Mode).
  • Once in Safe Mode, go to the folder that you want to open, it should be open.
  • Copy and transfer the files into another folder without a lock.
  • Exit Safe Mode.
  • Now you should be able to access the files that were previously locked.

Unlock Anvi Folder Locker with the Serial Number

If you have forgotten your Anvi Folder Locker master password, then it may be possible to use the Serial Number that you used to register as a master key. This feature will only work if you have kept the Master Key option enabled in the Password Security settings.

  • Open Anvi Folder Lock, and select “Lock Folders”
  • Enter your serial number in the password column, and then click “OK” to unlock it.
  • If this works, then you should be able to open your locked folder and files.

Is There an Anvi Folder Locker Reset Key

Whilst there may once have been a Reset Key, with the lack of support from the Anvisoft after it's shut down, it does not appear that a Reset Key exists.

Can I pay to Unlock Anvi Folder Locker File

When the Anvisoft website was operational they offered a service for $10 where they would unlock your file. A number of users on our forum have stated that despite paying the fee their folder remained locked. Now that the website is shut, there is no designated unlocking service for Anvi Folder Locker. Be careful if someone offers to unlock your file for a fee.

Is Anvisoft Safe

As Anvisoft appears to no longer be an operational company it is recommended that you avoid using Anvisoft products, such as Anvi Folder Locker. This software has not been updated since 2015 and wasn’t updated for Windows 10. Whilst the software may function as intended, there are more recent products that function better, for example Folder Lock by NewSoftwares.

Why it May Not Be Possible to Unlock a Locked File

Locking software in general has been developed to give the most comprehensive and robust defence against any threat of data-theft. One of the key defence features is removing backdoor access to this type of protection, which includes keeping a list of passwords and master passwords. If someone was able to gain access to all of the master passwords and passwords, then the privacy of everyone who used the software would be compromised.

Unfortunately, if you have forgotten your password, and if you have not been able to use the Master Key in the Password Security settings, then you will not be able to use the software’s features. This includes and is not limited to: locking files, uninstalled the application, modifying security settings. And as the creator of Anvi Folder Locker is no longer is not longer operational, you cannot even contact them directly for help.

To avoid this situation from reoccuring, make sure that you keep a note of your passwords. You could use a tool, like Dashlane Password Manager to keep all of your passwords safe, or simply keep your passwords in a designated paper journal.

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