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I really need help!

For weeks now I can´t access my facebook account. After redefining my password they blocked my account, and to unlock it says I must verify my identity and change the password.

The next step, however, says only this: «Identity Not Confirmed. We currently can't verify your identity. Please try again later.»
I have contacted Facebook Support by e-mail. During one week I answered the identification procedures that they asked me. At the end the guy told me to make sure I was logged out of every devices...so I eventually logged out of my Messenger app and mobile account. I am literally without access now, because it still didn't work. The same sentence keeps appearing all the time! Then the guy from support stopped replying. The last thing I sent was a print screen with the message.

I keep sending him e-mails, hoping for an answer because I don't see this happening to other users...it's really frustrating to lose all the info I had in my account, especially because I also use Facebook to work!

So I can't do anything else! Did this already happen to anyone? I've contacted Facebook but they don't respond! It's been giving me this answer for weeks, so frustrating!
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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Nov 30, 2018
Thank you

I have just received an e-mail from facebook support. The guy finally solved it for me! (THANKS!!) It took quite a few e-mails though.

( But answering your questions: I use the page for work but only contact wise, not a business page.

I used a complaint platform in California that forwarded my issue to Facebook support. So that's the e-mail I was replying to.

I have sent my ID - it was the first thing they asked. Then answered some basic questions about myself. It took a while to solve but I'm finally in.

My page was always online, only the access was blocked.)

But this "dead end" issue was very weird...I just couldn't find anything about it online....

Thanks for your availability anyways!
Have a nice day both of you

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Am facing the same issue. Can you help me with the email ID which I should use to send to Facebook in order to report this problem?
HI Cesar, what it is the platform's email that you've used as I'm encountering the very same issue and it doesn't wanna let me in.

You can email me at ***@***

Thank you so much
Sir mare I'd ko log in kardo
May i know what email u used also? Im having the same problem.. cant verify identity and no option to verify..
csar, please could you share the contact who help you?