Facebook account disabled as a security precaution [Closed]

 Claudia Smith -
Hello, You can't log in at the moment
We'll get in touch with you shortly after we've reviewed it. You'll now be logged out of Facebook as a security precaution.


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After almost a week of uninterrupted browsing on Facebook tonight I have been suddenly with no warning or reason logged out again! This is now the & time!! One more time and I will delete my account !
I have the same issue :( Had to do it now 3 times!! Today I could finally login and was uploading pics and doing my profile and securing my account when I was suddenly logged out again!!! This becomes a real pain now .!
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You must now wait for Facebook's reply which may take weeks.

The same thing happened to me, I haven't been able to log in today. I uploaded a picture of myself, and I'm just waiting for my account to be reopened. Facebook doesn't have a support phone number or email address. Sad!
> Facebook User
If they had, they would probably bombarded with calls and emails!!
Same thing here.....
I've been waiting 20 hours now......
so annoying!!
Anything we can do?
> Anonymus
There is nothing you can do. :(